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Our Story

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North Studio, founded in 1999 is a full-service web, mobile and applications development firm. We offer web design, web development, maintenance, technical support, training and internet marketing services to clients worldwide.

We work closely with clients to implement their web vision, polish their web identity and deliver innovative, user-friendly web solutions on time and on budget. Any technology, any budget - we will find a solution that fits!

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Fighting Spam In Drupal: The Honeypot Method

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There's no doubt about it: fighting spam has clearly become the single most annoying task in administering a website today. No longer sent by ambitious humans with a bad sense of netiquette, black hat marketers now use spambots. 

These spambots are automated computer-generated scripts that are designed to collect and harvest email addresses from your website with the objective of buildin

Stuwalk Energy Drupal website Stuwalk Energy

For over 25 years, Stuwalk Energy has supplied and operated a vast network of public and private cardlocks in remote areas of Northern BC. They offer both traditional and unique distribution methods—fleet trucks, rail delivery and off-road bush trucks—that get fuel where it needs to go. Stuwalk focuses primarily on the natural gas extraction industry, but also serves the fuel needs of local communities.

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