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North Studio, founded in 1999 is a full-service web, mobile and applications development firm. We offer web design, web development, maintenance, technical support, training and internet marketing services to clients worldwide.

We work closely with clients to implement their web vision, polish their web identity and deliver innovative, user-friendly web solutions on time and on budget. Any technology, any budget - we will find a solution that fits!

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Trade Guard

SeaFirst Insurance

TradeGuard is an innovative web-based service allowing contractors to purchase insurance online. Are you a small contractor or tradesperson with gross sales of less than $500,000 annually? This insurance package is designed specifically for experienced contractors who work primarily on residential properties in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The package includes Gene

Stanford University Drupal website Stanford University

Drupal Connect is currently developing a new Drupal website for Stanford University Center for the Study of Language and Information. This site will act as the front door and launch point for the CSLI’s component group sites. CSLI consists of ten individual and distinct groups, each with their own research focus and many with their own Web presence.

The new site will show featured people, research projects, events, and laboratories associated with CSLI, exposing shared content among all the groups, and providing links to each group’s externally-housed sites. New groups working under the CSLI umbrella will have their sites created inside of the new Drupal main site. Drupal Connect is utilizing the contributed module Organic Groups (OG) to facilitate this functionality. We are writing custom modules to allow OG to expose shared content among these groups. Creating content from within a group is easy if a particular user has the right permissions.

Utilizing Pressflow, the CSLI Stanford site will be able to handle the traffic with ease. Using Stanford's own Drupal 6 theme facilitated a quick turnaround. This allowed the designer to focus on the site-specific tweaks and polish while keeping a common look and feel to ensure that visitors know they are within an official Stanford website.

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