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Our Story

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North Studio, founded in 1999 is a full-service web, mobile and applications development firm. We offer web design, web development, maintenance, technical support, training and internet marketing services to clients worldwide.

We work closely with clients to implement their web vision, polish their web identity and deliver innovative, user-friendly web solutions on time and on budget. Any technology, any budget - we will find a solution that fits!

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USPS Web Tools Update - Effective June 1st 2015

Navigating the change succesfully

We’re seeing this issue come up for a number of our clients, so we thought we’d put the word out for anyone who owns or operates an e-commerce website that is using USPS for shipping estimates and services.

If you fall into this category, you will want to conduct a test transaction on June 1st 2015 to ensure that USPS web tools updates did not adversely effect your website. 

Hakai Magazine

Hakai is a new magazine based in Victoria that explores science, society, and the environment in compelling narratives that highlight coastal life and phenomena. Their editorially-independent, web-based publication examines the ties between the ocean, land, and human societies through long and short-form journalism, illustration, photography, and video.

This brand new Drupal 7 website was launched in April 2015.

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