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Our Story

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North Studio, founded in 1999 is a full-service web, mobile and applications development firm. We offer web design, web development, maintenance, technical support, training and internet marketing services to clients worldwide.

We work closely with clients to implement their web vision, polish their web identity and deliver innovative, user-friendly web solutions on time and on budget. Any technology, any budget - we will find a solution that fits!

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How To Make The Best Out Of Your Buyer Persona Interviews

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To be successful with inbound marketing (or any kind of marketing, for that matter), you need strong, well-researched buyer personas.

Buyer personas can be built in a number of ways: market research, observation, educated guesses and interviews with actual clients. Today, we're going to ta

Q College CMS Website Drupal website Q College CMS Website

Formerly the Victoria School of Business and Technology, Q College is now a PCTIA accredited college with courses conforming to college-level standards.They cater to government clients, businesses looking to train or retrain their staff and students looking to enter the IT industry with style, confidence and job ready skills.

Adhering to the philosophy, “Experience is Education,” Q College connects students with faculty who are leaders in their field. In addition to being Microsoft certified and a proud member of a select and limited group of Adobe Authorized Training Centres, they offer the most innovative Internet marketing techniques, including social media, as well as application development for mobile devices. And together with Drupal Schoolhouse—the newest addition to the North Studio family—they offer the most up-to-date courses in Drupal development from coast to coast.

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