Victoria Advanced Technology Council
ViaTec Drupal website
ViaTec Drupal website
ViaTec Drupal website
ViaTec Drupal website
ViaTec Drupal website

Victoria has a thriving technology sector and with over 900 tech companies that employ 13,000 people and generate 1.7 billion dollars in annual revenue, VIATeC is positioned as the networking and social hub to bring it all together. VIATeC was seeking for a new web solution that would facilitate social publishing and community networking and engagement. northStudio designed and developed a socially-enabled website for VIATeC that facilitates conversations, information sharing and collaboration by implementing a Drupal Content Management System (CMS) that utilizes social media and web 2.0 tools, with e-commerce functionality and a comprehensive newsletter. Working in collaboration with VIAteC a robust plan was created and implemented over a very fast deadline of only 2.5 months. DId I mention VIATeC you rock! I think it has something to do with its Board, Staff, Directors, and that awesome Community we get to be a part of! Have fun with the new site everyone!


  • Our challenge was to built a robust website where 80% of all online content was user generated
  • VIATeC's audience was very tech savvy and there was no room for error
  • Originally VIATeC was not looking at Drupal as a platform for development, but once the VIATeC team met with northStudio and we presented our overview on how Drupal could facilitate online networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, we were soon in the planning phase for the project!
  • We had a very tight deadline of online 2.5 months for a 5 month project   

Project Features

  • Drupal Content Management System
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter/Flickr/Facebook/Digg
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Online Membership Registration
  • Information Architecture
  • Membership Profiles
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Extended Search Functionality
  • Job Board
  • Extended User Profiles
  • Market Place
  • Mobile Version
  • RSS
  • Suggestion Box
  • Online User Accounts
  • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart
  • Video & Audio Library