If you haven’t noticed, our blog has been talking more and more about inbound marketing. Analyzing studies like Hubspot’s and CMI’s may have been a hint… but now we’re officially coming out!

Inbound marketing is a framework that uses all the assets of the web (organic SEO, paid search, social media, blogs, landing pages, email, etc.) to develop trust with an audience and bring in leads (rather than seek them out through cold calling and other “outbound” techniques). We love it because it pulls all of these things together in a coherent strategy.

The benefits? Here are the 5 we love the most.

1. We get to help people

I think the best thing I like about inbound marketing is how it forces us to have a service-oriented company. By service-oriented, I mean we want to be of service to our audience. We are of service to our clients, of course, but we also want to be of service to the community at large with helpful blog posts and ebooks.

I always carefully plan my content around a specific problem. How can I help my readers learn more about a topic or solve a particular issue? In the case of this post, for example, I want you to learn more about the benefits of inbound through our eyes.

2. We spread the word about our brand

Another thing I love about my job is when someone tells me “great post!” or “loved your ebook!” It makes me feel like I’ve done my work well.

But something even better is when I chat with someone offline and they say “North Studio, yes, I’ve heard of you online!” That’s really awesome, because it means that our name and our brand are spreading online. It’s slow and long-term work, but it’s well worth investing in.

3. We make it easier for our leads to trust us

Obviously, these campaigns are also meant to bring in more leads and improve sales. But with plenty of content to read and share, leads can learn to trust us and our expertise before they even contact us for a quote. We’ve demonstrated our expertise. We’ve shown that we can and know how to help.

Stuff like blog posts, ebooks and case studies all contribute to developing that trust with our audience, whom we hope will contact us for website or marketing help. Websites with plenty of helpful content are more conducive to trust than barebones sites with just a homepage and an “about us” page.

4. We strategize our entire web presence

The beauty of inbound marketing is the way it pulls everything together: SEO, PPC, blogging, ebooks, social media, email campaigns and more. Everything we do on the web serves well-defined objectives and is measured consistently.

Moving to inbound helped us tie together a bunch of disparate tactics into a cohesive and coherent strategy. The right hand now has an idea what the left hand is doing! This has helped lower our costs and improve our digital efficiency.

5. We focus on service

As mentioned above, becoming an inbound business means putting our focus on being of service. The main benefit of being a service-focused business is the great relationships it fosters. When we focus on service, we focus on value to the client. We don’t like to spend money for nothing–neither do you, I’m sure.

Adopting the inbound method made us rethink the kind of value we provide to our audience and our clients. We aim to be an integral part of our clients’ success, not just a passing consultant. Focusing on service will help us achieve that.

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