Website development in 2019 has evolved dramatically from the early versions found on the world wide web. Today’s sites are sophisticated, multi-functional, responsive, and beautiful.

Websites are no longer static resources that simply house information. They have become high caliber products that businesses rely on to execute core workplace functions. People rely on them too. People’s reliance on technology, -and the websites that connect users to technology, has become a part of daily life.

To keep today’s users engaged with your website, proper support needs to be in place to keep them running at optimal levels. When a website doesn’t have a support and maintenance strategy it’s essential functions could deteriorate, and effectively, reduce its ability to engage with users.

The reasons for a robust maintenance plan for your website are many, but at North Studio, we think some of the top benefits of having a great support system are:

  • Cybersecurity maintenance
  • Glitch and error prevention
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Effective brand management
  • Consistent and engaging user experience

Continue reading to learn more about why having a support and maintenance plan for your website is a smart choice for the upkeep of your site’s health.

Prevent Security Breaches

Fear of being hacked is a real and present danger for website managers in 2019. Why? Because the consequences of a data leak are substantial. The potential cost of a security breach can quickly skyrocket, and potentially, drive a business into bankruptcy. 

No one wants that; that’s why cybersecurity needs to be taken seriously by all who possess digital assets. Hackers are working non-stop to get access to sensitive information; your cybersecurity strategy needs to work just as hard to stop them. 

Reliable and effective cybersecurity for your WordPress or Drupal site is a benefit that can be achieved with a well-structured maintenance and support plan. Continuous monitoring with regular reviews, updates, and patches will keep your digital assets secure. 

Prevent Glitches from Lingering

Glitches and their resulting slow load times can impact your site’s ability to engage your users consistently. Prevent glitches and keep your user’s focus with a regimented website maintenance plan.

The longer a glitch, or other technical error, remains unresolved, the greater the chance it will negatively affect your site. Issues that go undetected due to a lack of on-going site support can quickly reduce a site’s ability to function optimally. 

Routine website maintenance from web engineers at North Studio is ideally suited to help you prevent glitches, and other common site issues, from coming between you and your user. 

Decrease Bounce Rate

Get ahead of broken links and technical errors that increase your site’s bounce rate. High bounce rates stemming from technical issues can be detected -and promptly halted, with a regularly scheduled check-up program. 

When a site isn’t loading properly on a particular browser, comes up with a 404error, and analytics is revealing a sudden spike in bounce rates, chances are an effective maintenance strategy has been overlooked.

Keep a close eye on your site’s performance with a customized support plan; you’ll be aware of issues affecting your site’s bounce rate right away. Having quick access to valuable, up-to-date information, can keep fluctuating bounce rates to a minimum.

Brand Management

Effective brand management requires stringent attention to detail. Because, details are often what your users notice and respond too. Especially if the features they see reflect that something’s not quite right. Brand quality can be negatively impacted if the site representing the brand isn’t at the same standard of the product.

Having extra eyes on the details of your website can protect and even improve your brand’s online reputation. Experienced developers that know your site’s inner workings can find problems before your audience does. 

Quality website maintenance and support can fix routine issues in an effective way that also supports your brand. 

Improved User Experience

User experience is key to achieving quality engagements between a site and it’s visitors. In 2019 we’ve seen user experience (UX) improve rapidly with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Chatbots, time optimized contacts, and multi-lingual options are popular AI methods used to enhance UX.

Investments in powerful tools, like AI, should be protected. Maintenance plans designed with AI in mind from North Studio can keep your user’s experience as optimal as possible: convenient, informative, and seamless.

Maintenance and Support Ensures Site Quality

Quality assurance measures, like routine maintenance and support plans, are standard practice when keeping a website in good working order. Cybersecurity, user engagement, timely error resolution, and improved analytical metrics are common benefits of a well-developed website care plan. If your site’s backend isn’t looked into regularly, now is the perfect time to craft a care plan suitable for your needs.

North Studio web developers can help you determine what your website’s maintenance needs are. Once your needs are understood your partners at North Studio can work with you to create a maintenance strategy the fits your requirements and budget. Rely on the specialists behind the scenes to keep your site as smooth and sleek as possible.