Marketing consultants aren’t really known for providing emergency services. After all, marketing tends to be a slow-ish process, with lots of thinking and strategy behind any kind of campaign.

But sometimes, business owners and large teams wait too long to leverage the expertise of specialized consultants. Just like when you feel symptoms of illness, the best time to reach out to a marketing expert is before your small issue turns into a full-blown, business-changing problem. Here are 5 signs you need to reach out to a marketing consultant right away.


1. Your SEO ranking just dropped and you have no idea why

Here in the digital marketing world, we live at the whim and mercy of our Google overlords. However, digital marketers keep up with the trends and Google algorithm updates, something that busy business owners or generalist marketing teams may not know how to do.

In the case of a sudden and dramatic drop in your SEO rankings, you should find a consultant that specializes in SEO right away. They will be able to look into your analytics data and come up with an explanation–and a plan to improve your SEO situation.

2. Your business is going through unexpected growth

Of course, we all want our businesses to grow–but sometimes it happens too fast for your current team to be able to handle the sudden increase in work.

In this case, there are 2 things you can do: hire someone else to pick up the slack (time- and resource-consuming) or reach out to consultants to perform specific tasks so that your team can focus on what they do best (a better use of your time and money).

Here’s what consultants can do for you: they can strategize with you on an overall marketing strategy to handle your new volume, and help you manage some of the new tactics introduced in your mix. Instead of hiring a new staff member, you can get help right away by adding the expertise of an experienced firm to your own.

3. You want to develop your digital presence

Let’s no be shy about it: traditional business schools are a bit slow to change, and very few of them offer the kind of training necessary to manage the digital transition. Most digital marketers come to the field through experience, self-directed training and a love of the internet.

Nowadays, not leveraging the digital world is a mistake for businesses–even for the smallest, most local ones. But many larger businesses are not quite up to date on their digital skills either, either through inertia or simple lack of internal skills.

Developing your digital presence requires more than having a website–there’s a host of linked strategies and tactics involved. Getting expertise from experiences digital consultants is essential if it’s the first time you’re navigating the online waters for your business.

4. You need to shake up your old ideas and tactics

Everyone gets in a rut at work–that’s totally normal. The same environment, the same people and the same products can turn even the most creative marketer into a peddler of old ideas. And sometimes, these ideas need some shaking up.

Marketing consultants come with a fresh look on your current strategy. They can see it from angles you’ve forgotten (or never considered before). They can apply their ever-current knowledge to refresh a strategy that’s seen better days. They can be your trusty new allies in your quest to rekindle your audience’s interest in your product or service.

5. You just can’t bother with social media

Although we strongly suggest to keep social media management in-house, some people just don’t want to bother with it. They see the value, but hate the time commitment and the seemingly endless timeline of ever-changing topics and short attention spans.

Fear not, though, because your trusty digital marketing team is here! Believe it or not, some people just love to be on Twitter all day. Like it’s their job. Literally. They’ll be happy to take care of your business social media accounts (with some help from you, of course) while you do more important stuff.

Dead social media accounts (or none at all) are definite turn-offs for potential leads, so if you’re not going to take care of them yourself, have an expert manage them for you.

What kind of emergency requires an expert marketer?

Everyone’s idea of “emergency” is different, but these are some of the most urgent needs we get from clients. Is there anything else you think would require the immediate intervention of marketing consultants? Share your experiences with us in the comments!