Drupal websites can be designed to be as beautiful as they are powerfully functional. Here are 7 examples of beautifully Drupal website designs.

1. Tatiana Hair Extensions

Designed and developed by Petrica Baragan, this site is stunning. The moment you land on the homepage, you’re in the zone of glamour and style where visual impressions are designed to make an immediate impact, whether made by their products or by the incredibe design of the website itself. The navigation is clean and intuitive, and the design is so well thought-out that visual appeal is not compromised by functionality.

 2. Warwick Fabrics

This gorgeous site by Hydrant is minimalistic in its styling, but a true pleasure to navigate through. With many fabrics to choose from, there are examples of their uses in furnishings that can be examined closely with magnifyers to see the prints and patterns in more detail. Drupal is an ideal content management system for a website like this one, where different products and product lines are updated regularly.


3. NASCAR Hometracks Series


Created by Mediacurrent, the NASCAR Hometracks Series website showcases both what makes a Drupal website powerful AND quite visually appealing. The site is frequently updated with schedules, results, news, and more. There was no question that with so many updates within so many different areas of the website, Drupal was the content management system for the job!


4. 82nd & Fifth

This art museum site developed by CHIPS-NY is an incredible showcase of just how beautiful a Drupal site can be. CHIPS-NY worked with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to create a visual feast for perusing eyes. Drupal was an excellent platform choice for a site that is complex content-wise, but needs to be easily updated by a variety of contributors.



This splendid agency website was made by the incredible designer Tommy. Frukt is an agency that connects major brands with music and entertainment. They needed their website to be fully responsive to diverse devices; the website was developed with responsive considerations for a wide variety of viewing situations, from phones to tablets to computers and more. Drupal was the optimal CMS choice for a large site with a lot of changes in content where responsiveness was as much a priority as outstanding, cutting-edge visual appeal.


6. Treasure Explorer

This epic website made by Oxide Interactive for The National Museum of Australia truly showcases what a Drupal site can be both visually and as an exhibit of content management genius. With many forms of media posted by a wide variety of contributors, of course Drupal was the CMS of choice for this massive project!


7. iFactoryWeb Design Brisbane

This lovely Drupal-based site was made by iFactory for itself. What’s interesting about their choice of Drupal as a CMS is that they offer a pretty large range of CMS environments as options for their clients. The site lists several systems:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Strikingly
  • SiteCore
  • and more..

Isn’t it interesting that for their own site, they used Drupal? It’s a spectaular website, beautiful, visually appealing, responsive, and a pleasure to navigate.

Drupal Can Be Beautiful

Drupal is often used as the content management system for quite ‘dry’ looking sites such as universities, government organizations, etc. Yet the sites we’ve featured here show how beautiful they can be when Drupal development is combined with graphic brilliance and creative design savviness.

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