Things that are not affordable to most of the normal human population:

But you know what's NOT on that list? Web design. (Even though some website builds CAN be costly, like this $160 million UK government site… which we really wonder why it cost so much, because, ew. We could have done so much better!)

Digression aside, yes, affordable web design exists

Actually, it's more affordable than you think. Websites don't have to be expensive to look good, and with Drupal and WordPress, anyone can change the appearance of a website with just a little training and no coding knowledge. Trust me, I'm a total dudd at visual stuff AND coding, and I managed to make my own website look pretty awesome.

Here at North Studio, we believe that affordable website design should really be affordable. We have a variety of entry-level packages that will provide you with a strong and stable website build. All you need to do is put your pictures and text, and you're all set.

We're the premier BC web design agency because we care about doing the best work we can, on budget and on time. Can other designers say the same?

Photo by Philip Taylor