Drupal 8 has come a long way since its release last October. During the initial stages many sites struggled to add the functionality present on their current Drupal 6 or 7 sites. But now developers can breathe a sigh of relief since many invaluable modules have been released for Drupal 8.

Some, but not all. And no don’t panic.

As we converse with our clients, there is a prevalent misunderstanding of where Drupal 8 is at. We wanted to help shed some light on this issue. Should you upgrade to Drupal 8? Check out our insightful analysis to help you through that process.

The process of converting your site to Drupal 8 will guarantee enhanced complexity and security for a long time.

A big part of why Drupal 8 is a step forward from 7 is just how much is packed into core. Many of the most used projects are available right at installation. Views and the Multilingual set of modules are great examples of this. That means, for many small and mid-sized projects, you may not need to wait on contrib projects at all.

But what if your project is more complex and requires a number of contribute projects? Because there are so many API changes between 7 and 8, module, theme, and distribution maintainers have to port their projects. The initiative to port as many contrib projects as possible is underway, and has been even before D8’s release.

Industry Secrets Revealed

D8upgrade is a free website that analyzes the modules on your website to see if they are available for Drupal 8. The module database is also frequently updated, so you can check your automatically-updated reports whenever you want to get the most relevant information.

Here is an extensive list of Drupal Modules and their latest status:




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