Every CMO that has a Drupal website is looking for the best Drupal module for marketers that can help increase organic traffic and convert potential customers.

Drupal has a large arsenal of features that can help marketing mavericks meet their goals. This includes responsive design capabilities, integration with third party applications, marketing automation and digital analytics. This functionality allows marketers to leverage their strongest, and most powerful marketing tool their good ‘ol website to generate and nurture leads.

Drupal has thousands of modules that allow your website to have the custom functionality that best meets your business needs. Because it is a dynamic open-source content management system it allows your website to be flexible on the backend and impressive on the frontend. This lets your website be optimized to maximize your marketing efforts.


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Spotlight Module Of The Month

When we normally showcase cutting-edge or practical Drupal modules there’s an emphasis on helping developers or designers that are using Drupal. This spotlight is for all the marketers out there.

The best Drupal module for marketers to help them meet their goals is Drupal Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This module is designed to convert Drupal pages into pages that comply with the AMP standard. This allows your website to be optimized for mobile and increase its organic search rankings.

Why is this important?

If it’s not obvious what’s so damn cool about this Drupal module for marketers, let me explain. Google changed its algorithm in May that prioritizes and penalizes website pages based on its mobile-friendliness. This mean that if your website is not responsive on a mobile device and not designed for mobile user experience (shoutout to the hamburger menu) then it will be penalized no chance of showing up on that front page for targeted keywords.

And there’s a reason for this algorithm update since organic search traffic has shifted to mobile, which encompasses 100 billion searches a month. People have become so impatient that the average person will wait no longer than 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the siteand nearly half won’t return.

The Drupal Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module helps websites become optimized across all devices. Drupal’s AMP module delivers pages that comply with the AMP standard and drastically improves the performance of mobile content and user experience through faster page loading times so it will rank higher based on Google best practices.

Some of the technical nitty-gritty:

This Drupal module is part of the preferred web development process for marketers because of its ability to increase place on search engine results pages and provides special AMP formatters for text, image, and video fields.

It includes:

  • AMP Theme – produces the specific markup that the AMP HTML standard requires. It works just like any other Drupal theme with flexibility and customization on page displays and can place AMP ad blocks.
  • AMP PHP Library – analyzes the HTML entered by users and makes corrections to make it compliant with AMP HTML. It automatically converts images, iframes, Tweets, Instagram, and YouTube HTML into their AMP HTML equivalents.

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