Right now, we’re in the middle of some complex, custom Drupal 8 builds. We’ve been delving into all sorts of modules out there to see if there’s anything that can supply the functionality we need. This badass module is too good not to share.

Drupal Module of the Month

Visual Content Layout is a Drupal 8 Module developed to manage text filters, HTML content layout, and visual elements like iconography, accordions, tabs, non-table columns, images, list, CTA’s, etc.

This module provides a visual guide that enables you to create HTML and bootstrap elements via forms and sort those element dragging and dropping them. You can even insert one or more elements inside another if it’s unable to do it. It’s that easy.

To Get Going:

Once Visual Content Layout and Swaps are already installed as any other Drupal 8 Module, you need to add a new text format in admin/config/content/formats. Or you can simply enable the filter in other format already created.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select “None” on the Text editor select box.

If you do all this step correctly, when you are creating a content and you select the format you create for the VCL, you will see a button to enable the visual help.

Using the Module:

To use the module you can manually write the structure of every swap in the text area by including the id of the swap and all attributes or you can enable the visual help in by clicking on the button on the top of the text area for an easy control of the elements.

This makes it much easier to create visual content with the built-in drag and drop architecture. For any complex sites that rely on visuals to enhance their messaging, this module is a must.