Who doesn’t love love?

That and a refreshing website design is there anything more romantic?

We decided to tackle great website designs to commemorate Valentine’s Day this weekend. Get your designer chops ready to analyze some of these titillating designs!

The key to a strong website is using visuals to elicit an emotional response. Whatever emotion you want to capture is up to you. Looking at a website should be a memorable, sensory experience. Take it from some of these intriguing examples.

1. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

What kind of Valentine’s Day list would this be without chocolate?

This website is one you have to see to believe. Israel-based, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar encourages you to experience chocolate with all of your senses. It is the 2014 Webby Award winner for Best Food and Drink website. And there’s no comparison. It is one of the best hand-crafted designs we have ever seen. It really is a highly interactive sensory experience. The parallax scrolling takes you through chocolate filled syringes, sensual chocolate hug mugs, fondue towers, a marshmallow-covered pizza, and so much more. The visuals are breathtaking. You have to go see it and binge on some chocolate.


2. Feed Music

This is an example of the power of infinite and interactive scrolling. Feed Music is a personal data management program that focuses on you guessed it music. This design elicits a strong response from people, meaning they either hate it or love it. You can’t deny that this is a very SEXY landing page for a website, hence our Valentine’s Day theme. The animation is truly inspiring and denotes a superterrestrial feel that is both mesmerizing and unique.


3. Shangri-La Paris Hotel

We could not have a Valentine’s Day list without including the most romantic city in the world, and what has been deemed the most romantic hotel Shangri-La Paris. This fresh design and widescreen imagery encapsulates the aethereal feeling of being in Paris beside the Eiffel Tower. The photography alone is breathtaking. The translucent vertical scrollbar on the left is also captivating, drawing your eye to the hotel’s services without interfering with the tranquility of the widescreen photos. The website fuses a simulator experience with easy-to-navigate functionality.


4. Tolia Ice Cream

This is the website designers have been waiting  for. Utilizing bold creativity, playfulness, and ingenuity, Tolia Ice Cream has created a short film that is showcased on their website. This delicious paradox is the longest short film (in the universe) featuring 15 incredible transformations of a single brave actress and loads of tasty 3D characters. The bright colours serve as captivating backdrops for the animation. But the most alluring component is the thoughtful animation and storytelling on this website. This combined with the horizontal scrolling is clean, polished, and amusing. It pushes boundaries for website design. There are very few pages on the site to navigate to after the short film, which is an intruging approach. This “show more, tell less” mantra is appealing to both marketers, designers, and audiences alike having won recognition from Awwwards.


5. Uniform Dating

What kind of Valentine’s Day list would this without a sexy firefighter? Obviously not a cliché one!

Uniform Dating is a Canadian site that showcases stunning photography. This dating website is cheeky and fun; Uniform Dating’s slogan is Everyone Needs a Hero, which is cliché, but it plays that up which works well in this case. Its bright and bold use of illustration, harmonious design, intriguing colours, and great-animated video are visually appealing. Despite being, undeniably, a little one-sided (it’s mainly burly men in uniform rescuing damsels in distress – apart from the ‘nurses’ page, that is) it gets the message across effectively.


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