Blog like there’s no tomorrow! Blog like your very fate depends on it! Blog with the wind!

Yes, it’s true, you should probably have a blog, or at least some part of your website that you regularly add content to. Of course it should be optimized for Google and it should feature quality information or entertainment that your targeted audience could benefit from or find amusing or interesting.

There’s a way you can use good-natured networking to drive more targeted traffic to your site, but first, you have to share your traffic.

Use your blog to share traffic and to get targeted traffic

By linking to other sites within the content of your blog posts, you can reach out to those other sites on social media and you have a higher likelihood of getting your blog posts shared by them, to their audiences. Don’t bother trying to do this with the biggest players who are way out of your league; they get linked to so often by so many others that your mention of them will most likely go barely (if at all) noticed. Pick other businesses who attract traffic you want to target and who are on a similar level to you. They will most likely appreciate a link and mention coming from you.

How to link to others to generate targeted traffic

I’m going to use the example of a tourism industry blog. We’ve had successes with a number of bed & breakfasts getting a boost of targeted traffic using this method. Bed & breakfasts need to target quite a specific target market: people considering a visit to a particular city/town/region who are looking into tourist attractions. The tourism-related networks are competitive and expensive to advertise on and it’s very difficult to find free promotional opportunities. This mean that many companies vying for similar and even the same target markets really appreciate being included in reviews, lists, and mentions.

This is how it’s done

Write a blog post that shines a bright, positive light on other companies competing for the same demographic. In our example, these have included Top 5 Places You Need To See in Vancouver This Summer or Tourist Attractions in Victoria You Don’t Want to Miss.

Write wonderful words about those you are linking to; make them look good and make them WANT to share what you’ve written about them.

Link to those you list using the nofollow attribute to prevent loss of “link juice”.

Share the blog post on Twitter/Facebook and tag those companies to get their attention.

Some of them will take the bait and share your post link with their audience. To benefit even more from this method, add those who did share to a list and pay special attention to them in your social media efforts, as they may share your stuff again without having to link to them in another post.

Some online entities are more likely to respond to this method include:

  • Bloggers

  • Newly launched sites/business

  • Businesses/personalities that generously evangelize others already

  • Businesses with products and services you genuinely like so much that your writing and review of them will be strong and compelling.

Get started now!

This method will not reap such an abundance of leads your way that you’ll be the next overnight success (though, stranger things have happened). However, what it usually does is bring a little burst of quality targeted traffic if the peers mentioned in your post are reaching the audience you’re also trying to target.