The latest release of Drupal is carefully tailored to help your business prosper. A slew of new features are targeted towards three areas: Performance, Accessibility, and Security.

Both practical and innovative, Drupal 8 is the future of web development and will be the new standard for ingenious websites that increase exposure and convert customers.

Maybe ’tis the season for a Drupal website?

Let’s breakdown how it can help your business.

1. Performance

Google’s algorithm ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than non-responsive ones. When this change was put into place, it dramatically affected millions of websites, reducing their traffic rates by 50 per cent. This was expected since now there are 100 billion mobile searches a month, with consumers spending three hours and 16 minutes a day on their smart phone.

The Drupal community has taken a progressive stance amidst this digital transition.

Drupal 8 isn’t just mobile friendly: it’s mobile first. All of the tables, images, videos, and themes are responsive meaning they are compatible with any device whether its iPhone, tablet, or desktop. Administrative pages are also simple to use on mobile devices, making it easy to post photos and videos to clients’ websites. The new administration experience features a lightweight, mobile-first ‘Back to site’ button that directs back to the last front-end page.

2. Accessibility

With all the content management systems on the market, Drupal has now redefined itself as the most agile and customizable.

The marketing potential in Drupal is unmatched. There are new SEO modules to improve search rankings. Many of the best SEO capabilities and practices are built directly into Drupal 8 to ensure ease-of-use for administrators. Not to mention, having a scalable and responsive website is proven to be the most powerful branding and lead generation tool.

Do we mention its unrivaled multilingual abilities?

The Drupal community considers one of the most fundamental needs of millions of website users to be language.  Now, both international site visitors and web developers have the proper assets at their fingertips. A multilingual website can be made from 94 languages and there are also limitless translation and transliteration abilities.

3. Security

Drupal is the trusted CMS, used by highly secure government websites such as The White House. Yes, POTUS is rocking a Drupal site. Drupal has established a legacy for security because of their extensive and comprehensive security audits. There are many security improvements built into Drupal 8 that make it the safest versions of Drupal by default. Features that are available in 7 by modules or patches on are already built into Drupal 8. For example, Drupal 8 has clickjacking protection, which requires a contrib in Drupal 7. In Drupal 8 the order by method is protected against SQL Injection but only part of that feature was backported to Drupal 7.

There are also numerous security modules that are essential for site protection.

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