Choosing Between Web Agency and Freelancer

When choosing between a web agency and a freelancer it is important to consider the best option for your business.

This consideration is even more pertinent when discussing Drupal because mistakes and poor quality work can end up costing a great deal of money. Drupal is the most powerful, scalable and customizable content management system on the market when it’s done right.

We repeat, when it’s done right.

And this is true for any content management system.

There are too many cautionary tales out there (including ones we’ve heard) where a freelancer began work on a Drupal website and ran into challenges due to enhanced complexity that he or she didn’t know how to properly implement. Shortcuts, poor PHP coding, and hacking template files can lead to a massive disaster.

That’s why it’s important to consider that the quality of the team you choose will directly impact the quality of the website you receive. There’s often an assumption that a Drupal web agency and a freelancer is very similar many think it’s a better decision to go with a freelancer due to lower costs. But these lower costs can end up costing more in the long-term if something wasn’t built properly according to industry best practices.


The release of Drupal 8 just over one year ago upped the development game. We are on our fourth Drupal 8 website build, giving us an upper edge on the competition including freelancers that are trying to grapple the new extensible tools in core. Our team has taken hours understanding the power of Drupal, including the newest version. This testing and research ensures we don’t make mistakes because we are not learning as we go along.

Our commitment to quality even extends to our partner Q College, Canada’s first technology college that teaches Drupal fundamentals. We always ensure we are following industry best practices in regards to coding, design, theming, and security.

By setting standards for web services, your brand is not only protected from errors and under-delivered results, you also have more focus and experience dedicated to moving you in the right direction for a stronger digital presence. Don’t let those low dollar figures fool you.


Dedicated Experts

Our team of dedicated specialists offers tailored solutions for your brand. This includes strategists, project managers, designers, back-end developers, SEO-experts and security connoisseurs. This generates a collaborative team that takes a holistic look at your project and its intended goals something a freelancer can’t compete with.

We take the time to maximize your investment by focusing on you as the client to help solve your digital challenges. Team transparency guarantees all your questions and concerns are answered, that’s a huge benefit. Having a project manager available 24/7 for Drupal support or even to guide you along the development process can ensure a seamless transition.



Whether we’re talking about Drupal support or a new rebuild, you are responsible for maximizing your brand’s investment. And to be honest, it is a big investment both in time and price point.

After being in business for over 18 years, we’ve seen the market explode due to an incessant need for stunning, intuitive websites to help brands gain exposure online. Because of the competitive market, pricing for a Drupal project can vary according to functionality and complexity.

Drupal agencies, like ourselves, typically build some of the Internet’s most sophisticated websites for large enterprise companies. Without a standard in place, freelancers or outsourced development lower their pricing in an effort to stay competitive. However, by over-promising for a lower price usually the competitor doesn’t have the experience to know the true price or is attempting to recover costs down the line somehow.

Your company reputation demands quality and respect. Trusting a Drupal development agency ensures you are working with a talented, high-level team that will build a website according to best practices to generate an end product that is intuitive and complex while being easy-to-maintain for site administrators.

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