What is life really like for a newbie in northStudio? Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes, or how to get involved in this business?

Well, it's time for some insight!

I came to northStudio, fresh out of training at the Victoria School of Business & Technology (VSBT). A perfect example of where you can go if you set your mind to it. Just half a year ago things such as HTML, Drupal, and CMS meant absolutely nothing to me. I was a nerd at heart, but with no prior experience in the world of websites.

My interest was there, but in such a fast paced industry it's hard to get anywhere without training and guidance. So after some hunting and exploring I eventually found myself at VSBT, diving straight into their Web Design & Internet Marketing course. It was exciting being back at school, especially finding myself in a class with like-minded individuals and friendly instructors.

Originally my intention was to take the first course, and see then see where I wanted to go from there. Of course as the class progressed I became hopelessly addicted. I lived and breathed HTML and CSS, in and out of the course. All I could ever think about was what we were learning next, or perfecting that new technique we learned. I even found myself assisting my classmates, trying to solve problems and understand everything around me.

Once that ended, I just couldn't stop. I jumped straight into their Drupal course, suddenly determined to go as far as I could. My instructor Karen Smallwood only helped further my passion for it, encouraging me to push further and have faith in my skills.
Once it came time to put our skills to the test and create our own sites, I had already completed my first one, too eager to wait until "project time". So I ended up creating a second website, just to pass the time.

What did I do once I obtained my Diploma? Apply at northStudio of course! Where better to strive for than the place that helped me get to where I am. To work with the people who encouraged me, and gave me the courage to push ahead.

That brings us to today, the start of my career here.

My first day in northStudio started out with the usual meet and greet. Getting to know the faces of the studio, and learning my way around. Once comfortable, it was time to dive right in. Paired up with the great Saren Calvert, I followed along and assisted in some work. Observing his methods and adding my input wherever possible.

It's a fast paced world; Exciting and delightfully nerdy. There is still plenty to learn and lots to grow with, but being surrounded by an amazing group of people makes the transition that much smoother.

So to all you computer nerds and artists looking for a place to be, consider joining us Web Ninjas. The internet needs more Code Superheroes and Design Gods!

Until next time!

~ Amelia Bennett