2019 online consumers are smart, discerning, and give websites only a few seconds, maximum, before deciding to hang and browse, or, to bounce.

Online users in 2019 are gravitating towards online experiences that can meet their needs on platforms that are easy to use, have a sleek appearance, and are instantly responsive.

They are responding to experiences that cater to their personal preferences, but, without having to impart too much personal information.

Users want online experiences they can use easily, consistently, and leaves them with an overall sense of customer appreciation.

They want the best technology has to offer while maintaining quality customer engagement.

So, just how can your business satisfy your client’s needs and provide a personalized online experience? How can your company offer online users access to the latest innovations and immersive experiences?

The answer is to choose content management systems that works for your company, works for your customers. and incorporates the power of AI technology.

Utilise successful website development options that will provide your users with the experiences they want. Open source content management systems, like Drupal 8, used in conjunction with advanced AI technology, provides businesses and their clients efficient customizable, online interactions.

Experience the combined benefits of blending Drupal 8 with AI.

2019 has seen some great additions to Drupal’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that are responsive, intuitive, and translatable. The benefits organizations are seeing as a result of combining Drupal 8 with AI functions are increased customer engagement and satisfaction, improved workflow functioning, improved conversion rates, and increased brand recognition.

Drupal 8, blended with AI, is improving business performance and productivity.

So, what are some of the best AI technologies that power Drupal 8 modules? Here’s our top five.


chatbot imageChatbots, love them or hate them, chatbots are becoming an expectation by online users to greet them and assist them. Similar too department store greeters, but without the awkward eye contact and vests full of flair, chatbot applications are designed to simulate human conversation.

Recommended Drupal Module: Chatbot API in conjunction with Drupal Alexa.



Multi-Lingual Options

Businesses operating in multi-lingual nations (like, Oh Canada!) or that have an international presence, need web sites that can break down language barriers that may be preventing connections between a company and their audience.

Open source developers offering multi-lingual options to business clients can make use of Cloudwords Multilingual for Drupal, available for use with Drupal 8.

Content Recommendations

Many users take to the web to find something they’re looking for but aren’t sure what it is they want. Expert Drupal developers can help clients offer their users intuitive direction and focus with a content connector. Content connectors combine user and content data to create personalized user experiences; they’re ideal for concentrating the right content towards the right users who are most likely to take action towards said content.

Drupal 8 options for content connectors include Acquia Lift Connector or HubSpot.

Named Entity Identification

Natural language processing (NLP) is an AI technology that has many applications and varying intentions, including named entity identification.

In addition to being a librarian’s ultimate dreamboat of a tool, entity identifiers, like OpenCalais, help top Drupal developers assist clients in sifting through enormous sums of content while qualifying and quantifying each piece of content.

Time Optimized Contact

Digital contact options like email, SMS, or push notifications, can be optimized with the use of Artificial Intelligence technology. Once optimized using the information collected with AI, open rates of sent information is poised to increase.

Higher open rates are known to lead to improved conversion rates; which all businesses want.

Recommended Drupal module: SendPulse.

AI and Drupal 8: the Power Couple

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, offering new solutions that continue to excite the tech community and beyond. The Drupal community continues to harness AI to create innovative modules and continuously improve one of the world’s most popular open source content management systems. We hope you leverage AI with Drupal and take advantage of this truly powerful combination.

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