Pop the champagne, for today is a celebration. DRUPAL 8 HAS LAUNCHED!

Today marks a huge day for the future of CMS customization.

After four years of development, Drupal 8 is officially here. This is a landmark for Drupal developers since D6 and D7 were mostly subtle upgrades, Drupal 8 is a evolutionary program that represents the enterprising nature of website development. This emerging innovation will help define and the tech sector and its constantly shifting landscape.

With more than 200 new features and improvements, Drupal 8 is a marvel for both developers and site administrators. It will set a new standard for ease of use, while offering countless new ways to tailor and deploy your content to the web. Complete customization at its finest.

Here at North Studio, we’ve started building websites with Drupal 8. Stay tuned for exciting case studies on those projects when they launch.

In honour of the occasion, let us tell you our favourite three things about Drupal 8:

Mobile First

When Google rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21, 2015, it was referred to as mobilegeddon. If your website was not mobile-friendly your search engine ranking would dramatically decrease. There are 100 billion mobile searches a month, with consumers spending three hours and 16 minutes a day on their smart phone.

The Drupal community has taken a progressive stance amidst this digital transition.

Drupal 8 isn’t just mobile friendly: it’s mobile first. All of the themes are responsive meaning they are compatible with any device whether its iPhone, tablet, or desktop. Administrative pages are also simple to use on mobile devices, making it easy to post photos and videos to clients’ websites. The new administration experience features a lightweight, mobile-first ‘Back to site’ button that directs back to the last front-end page.


For a while, Views were the best-kept secret in the Drupal community. Views were a huge asset to non-developers by allowing them to easily create lists, posts, galleries, tables, maps, graphs, menu items, blocks, reports, and forum posts. Now, with Drupal 8, Views are built and integrated into the core CMS.  This makes it more accessible for administrators and also means you can simply create custom admin pages, customize filters and actions.

International Reach

The multilingual abilities of Drupal 8 are unrivaled. The Drupal community has considered one of the most fundamental needs of millions of website users language.  With Drupal 8’s multilingual capabilities, international site visitors and D8 site builders have the proper assets at their fingertips. A multilingual website will be able to made from 94 languages.

Some key modules include:

Configuration Translation which enables the translation of essential elementsblocks, toolbars, menus, etc.
Content Translation addresses your website’s copywriting, such as blog posts, image captions, landing page content, etc.
Interface Translation enables the other page elements (e.g. form labels) to be translated.
There will also be automatic translation updates from the Drupal community here on out.


Cheers to new technology, and a bigger and better future!