Drupal Intranet: Features and Benefits

A Drupal intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff not to the public.

It provides convenient collaboration through a customized workflow that is highly secure and sophisticated.

Why Drupal?

Traditionally, Intranets have been built on proprietary platforms such as SharePoint. But Drupal has become the more popular and viable option due to its significantly lower price point.

Drupal Intranet solutions provide organizations with the right tools to facilitate data access, ease of communication and remote collaboration. It also allows you to not be tied into a proprietary platform – not paying a monthly licensing fee.

Drupal’s out-of-the-box user management, collaboration features, and content management capabilities make it a natural fit for use as an Intranet. It easily integrates with employee account management systems like Active Directory and Central Authentication Service.

The most recent Drupal Intranet we built was the result of a client looking for a solution for a common problem how to manage communication and training sessions for their team, which encompasses several departments. It was our job to ensure that the head of Human Resources had a simplified digital platform to manage these requests and correspondence.

It is a simple, yet common problem for larger organizations that involve the collaboration of several departments like government entities. 

To help this client at a fraction of the cost of a SharePoint Intranet, we created a highly configurable content and file management feature that provides the ability to access all personnel records including past correspondence and training courses applied, declined and approved for.

It allowed our client to empower their office with a powerful, safe and secure Drupal Intranet. 

Other features of this customized Drupal Intranet included:

•    Bulletin Board to announce new courses and job postings
•    File download functionality for unique departments within the organizations
•    Permission and role-based access for each employee
•    IT Helpdesk to facilitate resolution of network/hardware issues

Make your workday easier by having a platform that matches the structures, processes, and systems already established within your organization’s culture. 

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