Imagine your website as a new backyard. The grass is patchy and unequal, there are weeds in the corners, and trees grow unchecked. To clean up that mess and make your yard presentable and welcoming, you decide to look for a landscaper.

After some research, you find a landscaping company who promises to make your backyard look awesome forever. The gardeners come in, mow the grass, pull out the weeds and trim the trees. Your backyard indeed looks great, and you happilly pay your bill.

Then, after a month, the weeds reappear. The grass needs mowing. The trees need trimming. You call your landscaper and say, "Hey, you said my backyard would look awesome forever, but it doesn't so much anymore. The grass is becoming patchy and weeds are showing up again. Can you come back and take care of it?" The lanscaper answers: "We're sorry, this one a one-time only thing. We don't do maintenance. Get a lawnmower!"

Not cool, right? Then you remember that you saw this ad for a landscaper who offered maintenance as well. The price was a bit higher, so you went with the cheaper one-time promise. But now, your garden is going back to its previous state. It needs landscaping from the ground up, all over again.

Well, SEO is a bit like that. Sure, you can get some one-time work done: meta-tagging your pages, using the right keywords in your page titles, building your site map, and other foundational SEO tasks. This work is necessary, but it's only the beginning. With the constant changes to Google's algorithm (in SEO terms, Google is our lord and master, and we must listen), your business cannot afford to let the weeds grow into its website.

Changes to search engine algorithms are like the changes in seasons: they require constant adjustements in gardening work. Your website is your online backyard, and your web developer is your landscaper. If you go for the one-time offer, you will have a shiny website… for a while. Then, the weeds will take root, and your website's Google ranking will decrease as you neglect to do the constant SEO gardening required to maintain it.

This long-term commitment may seem scary, especially when compared to cheaper, more seducing offers, but it will benefit you and your business in the long run. Google prefers neat, maintained cyber-gardens over weedy ones.

If you think your website needs some maintenance, don't hesitate to contact us; we have all the right tools to make your online space welcoming to visitors and attractive to Google.