Our offices are closed from 20th Dec 2013 until the 6th Jan 2014.

IMPORTANT – if your site is down your first point of contact should be your hosting company. If you are unsure who your hosting company is please see details or how to find out on full post below.

Any requests recieved during this time will be scheduled for completion after 6th Jan 2014. If you need something addressed prior to the 6th Jan it will be considered "urgent".

For urgent matters you can either

  1. Call and leave a message on 1-250-721-9991 stating the urgency and as much detail as possible
  2. Email – email [email protected] and state your matter is urgent and give as much detail as possible
  3. Basecamp – you can add a message or todo in basecamp and assign it to "urgent support" again giving as much detail as possible

PLEASE NOTE – We charge time and a half for any urgent support over the holidays and double time if it is a public holiday so please be mindful of this when you make your request.

To find your hosting company:

  • Go to whois.net and search for your domain name. In the nameserver settings you will find the details of your hosting company.
  • Most or our clients are hosted with either Zenutech or Fibercloud but this may not be the case for your site.