There's the regular ol' way of promoting a blog on social media, which is to post the title and the link to Facebook/Twitter/Google+, then hope for the best.

That way will work for you no matter what you post if you already have a substantial follower base of engaged connections who are interested in what you're posting because of your outrageous popularity.

For everybody else, here are some ideas to get your blog noticed and read by promoting it through social media channels, if you're not afraid to be silly and unconventional (and ethically questionable):

1) Faux Dating Site Profile

This is a shady trick that we don't recommend. Seriously, don't do it, or at least don't tell anyone I told you to.

When we think of social media networks, we tend to think of Facebook and Twitter. But there are other social networks with engaged readers. I've seen music band guys link to their band websites or YouTube channels, promoting their band within their profiles. Some profiles are written humorously and well, which is essential if you hope to pull this off.

If there's a single person on your staff, put some marketing work into getting them some dates if you'd like to make it real, and have some real fun with the creation of the profile.

OK, that one was really unconventional and ethically questionable. We've 'broken the ice' here on the stream of unconventionality. Read on:

2) Stroke Egos and Shout it Out

Mention other strong social media users in your blog post, then mention them in your social media posts. This can get your posts shared, and likely most of the people mentioned will at least take a quick glance at your post to see what you've said about them.

The subjects should be carefully chosen. The biggest stars in your niche? Maybe not, since they get mentioned all the time.

Unsung popular heroes? They're a good bet. It's best if you can make this work with social media personalities who speak to the audience you wish to reach.

Completely irrelevant celebrities? Check out this tweet from the reliably hilarious DiGiorno Pizza account.

.@taylorswift13 has delivery pizza ever stood you up? because i would never, ever do that like ever

— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) August 18, 2014

This method isn't actually "unconventional", but not enough people use it effectively.

3) Fake The News

People like to read news online, and we all know plenty of online news that spreads are either satirical or blatantly fake. You can have fun with this by creating fake news to draw attention to your blog.

There are various free sites online that generate fake news clips such as the Fodey Newspaper Clipping Generator and ShareOnFb (latter only works on Facebook).

4) Fake Quotes

Make up fake quotes by long-dead people that catch people's eye in a way that relates to your blog post. Make a meme, make it obviously satirical so it's not offensive, and post that in your blog. Share the blog post with the image displaying.

For example, use the Elvis header graphic I made for this post!

5) Titles

There's no question that the titles you use matter. We've addressed this on a more serious level here. Masters of the article titles would be The Onion, a satirical news website where the headlines are generally funnier than the articles themselves (warning, can contain swearing and potentially offensive ideas).

If your blog post titles are irresistible, in whatever flavour that can work (melodramatic, satirical, heart-wrenching, greed-triggering, celebrity-worshiping, wallet-opening, etc), you'll get lots of click-throughs.

Of course, it's up to you to deliver a compelling blog post that can live up to a substantial title. But you can play with your titles and see if certain types get more visits to your blog.

Your turn!

Now these tips are essentially springboards for ideas. This may not fit with how to promote your blog in your business because of tone, style or strategy differences.

Always take some, leave some, chop 'em up and make some of your own unconventional ways that can work for you!