How To Verify Facebook Business Page 2016

With the inclusion of Facebook in every business’ marketing strategy, there are a lot of people missing one of the first integral steps verifying a Facebook business page.

After numerous questions from our clients this week we thought a quick tutorial on how to verify a Facebook business page could be beneficial for the thousands of brave souls out there trying to tackle Facebook marketing all on their own.

Plus, this verification is like being part of an exclusive, A-list club who doesn’t want to take part?

What does it mean to verify your page?

Verifying a company page will give you a checkmark in a grey circle beside your display name. For the ‘ol school Facebook hustlers, you will remember that this used to be a blue circle. 

This is actually very important in establishing a solid business page and an authentic presence on Facebook. Some of the benefits include:

  • Build trust with your audience. Having that check mark symbol gives your fans confidence that you are a legitimate brand that they can have confidence in.
  • Get back your views. If you are famous or successful enough, you are bound to have copy cats (I mean how many North Studios could there be in the world?!) Sometimes it can be malicious, with someone stealing your content and scamming people in the process. By having your page verified, it helps your following to find the real you and be able to ignore those that wanna “fake, fake, fake” as Taylor Swift would say.
  • Show up higher in searches. Because Facebook has already reviewed your page it is more likely to show up in searches on Facebook, meaning that new people are more likely to find your page because they will be prioritized in search results.
  • Increases credibility and really just makes your company look more legitimate like an ‘OG


There are two ways to go about this and don’t worry both are very simple.

The first step in creating a Facebook business page is adding your About information including an address and/or phone number. 

Then, go to > Settings > General


The third option will say Page Verification. Click the edit button here.

Click > Verify this Page

You will be taken to a screen that gives you the option of either:

  1. Submitting documents that prove company identity
  2. Adding a phone number to call

The quickest and easiest way to verify a page is to utilize the phone number option.

Using the documents option can take up to a couple weeks whereas the Call Me Now option is instant. Add your business phone number if Facebook automatically doesn’t populate the field with the phone number from your About page.

Click > Call Me Now

Once you do this, Facebook will call the phone number and give a 4-digit Verification Code.

When you add this Verification Code in the field and press enter AND VIOLA your Facebook page will be verified.

No big deal, just A-list status.


Having any trouble? Have more questions about Facebook marketing? Facebook marketing should be fun not frustrating! We’re here to help.

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