How we evolved as a web dev team in 2016 had everything to do with fluid, evolving technology and the need for teams to evolve their methodology as well.

Within the technology landscape, 2016 was a huge year and not just for goliaths like Apple and Microsoft. Even for startups, Drupal agencies, WordPress agencies and app developers, this was a year that placed innovation and security on a high pedestal. 

Security, security, security yeah, we know you’re sick of hearing it. But it was a momentous year because of advanced practices, both from the good guys and the bad, and it was important to ensure companies, e-commerce consumers and ordinary people felt safe when perusing websites.

This meant our team had to be better than ever.

Web Dev Builds 2016

Looking back, in 2016 was tackled one of our most challenging website builds to-date a 9,000 page rebuild from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 involving 20,000 nodes, multilingual functionality in English, Japanese and Chinese, and a custom homepage layout module.

Our team was also tasked with numerous support projects.

It really was the year of Drupal support, accelerated by the fact that Drupal 6 went end-of-life. These challenging support projects, many times, were the victims of poor coding practices or a Drupal rebuild completed with shortcuts opposed to proper development stages.

This exemplifies why it is crucial to have a dedicated development or support team that are not only familiar with your project but multi-disciplinarian in their approach.

Our Team

Our own team has is diverse is their approach and expertise. For example, our web development team includes an E-commerce expert, Security expert and DevOps/Systems Administration expert.

As technology evolves, the skill sets and problem solving abilities of developers must also progress.

This led us to analyze and critique our own internal processes to ensure our quality of work was not only at the highest standard, but that it was leading both the Drupal and WordPress communities.

We incorporated rigorous code review protocols to ensure we keep all team members accountable, as well as help each other evolve as developers through extended collaborative on a more personalized level based on how we code.

This has also helped us to grow as a team to respect one another, value one another and collaborate unlike ever before.

Our Web Dev Goal

Our goal as a web development team is to be world-class through sophisticated workflows that are not only best practice, but also the absolute cutting-edge to help lead the web development industry forward.

A lot of this has to do with code bases.

We have now placed even more emphasis on the code we read, write and analyze.

It is more imperative than ever that every piece of code inspected by North Studio is standards-compliance; every pull request or merge code from a code request is then run through Jenkins so that it tests against the code base to ensure the code can be built out and that it follows formatting standards. After the code passes this test it is reviewed by a team member to ensure it adheres to the highest standard.

A dedicated, talented web development team will always strive to only give the client the robust, powerful website from not only an aesthetic standpoint, but from a backend, agile and secure standpoint.

In 2017, we hope to continue to grow, collaborative and evolve to continue pushing the boundaries of web development, both internally and also across Drupal and WordPress communities worldwide.

Happy with your web dev team?