Have you ever wondered about superhero websites? As in, if superheroes had websites, what they would look like?

As I’m working more and more on landing pages and calls to action, I found myself asking the question: what would a superhero landing page call to action look like?

I let my imagination roam, and here are the results.


Batman is not necessarily who you want to call on an ordinary crime. But when the going gets tough and you need special fighting skills, Batman is your guy. Just don’t mention his dead parents.


Superman is quite another sort of beast. Open, honest and always helpful, the man from Krypton always shows up wherever he’s needed. I’d make sure to check my insurance coverage though… property damage seems to increase wherever he fights.

Iron Man

Iron Man is interesting because he doesn’t really have any superpowers. He’s a supersmart engineer with a lot of money at his disposition. He’s a little bit like Batman that way, but without all the darkness and psychosis. Sure, Stark’s got problems of his own, but at least he’s always accompanied by good rock tunes.

The Hulk

Last but not least, we have The Hulk, the green giant who likes to smash. His landing page call to action is… much simpler. And so is his landing page in general. You don’t want to call The Hulk for precision work… but if you need a good smashing, he’ll be your best choice.

Batman and Superman are the property of DC Comics. Iron Man and The Hulk are the property of Marvel.

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