We are proud to announce the official release of the LayoutStudio Extras for Drupal 7, a companion module to our LayoutStudio starter theme.

As a Drupal themer since Drupal 4.7, I’ve always wanted a theme that was out of my way, without much styling other than basic typography. That way, I can get to the business of coding my CSS as quickly as possible. Plus, the HTML output had to have no SEO or accessiblity compromises. Fancy features are mostly a pain in a theme—especially a starter theme—as trying to override them takes more time than it’s worth having those features in the first place. All of these reasons are why we created LayoutStudio, a starter theme that met our needs with little fuss or other you-know-what that always ended up annoying us.

Having said all that, some automation and features are well worth it, especially when it comes to things like sizing your layout and the overall wireframe of your site. For example, in the latest versions of LayoutStudio, we ended up adding the ability to specify your layout and your sidebar dimensions, or choosing whether or not you wanted full headers or footers. These are really good time saving features, as setting up the CSS for these can be cumbersome at best, especially when you deal with properties like negative margins.

With the LayoutStudio Extras module, we bring this functionality to another level. Among the highlights:

  • Create a LayoutStudio sub-theme from the Appearance page.
  • Specify layout and layout dimensions changes based on path.
  • Adds drush support so developers can create LayoutStudio sub-themes from the command line.
  • Add a site copyright block with automatic year spanning (ie. 2009-11).
  • Adds a site credit (either with text or image) block (ie. Web Development by Acme Inc).

In particular, the ability to automate the sub-theme creation process is immensely useful. And who hasn’t had to change (or forgotten to change) the &%$#@ footer message every year simply to add another year to the copyright?

Anyway, we hope you like it. Give the module a go and let us know what you think in the issue queue!