With the recent releases of LayoutStudio for 6 and 7, we now have what we believe is a world-class starter theme for Drupal. I've always had an extensive wishlist in my head, and thanks to some awesome help from our programmers, it's finally evolving very closely to my intended vision.?

Since I've started working with Drupal in version 4.7, I felt that starter themes should really do a the following:

  1. have great semantic markup for excellent SEO and accessibility performance.
  2. markup that seldom requires overrides, with the flexibility to move sidebars to either side.
  3. very little in terms of style beyond good basic CSS defaults.
  4. ability to select the layout and the dimensions in your theme settings.
  5. good documentation.

?The first three have been around since the beginning, since we based our HTML structure on Layout Gala. The various possibilities for layouts are indeed amazing as it covers almost every scenario imaginable.

?Now, with the new developments in Drupal 6 & 7, we have a theme where you can select from eight different layouts, and also select the sidebar and site width. To me, this is simply amazing, since coding the layout dimensions can be one the most annoying and tedious parts of starting a site. This feature takes care of that, so you can quickly move on to styling the site to your liking.

As for the documentation, the process is well on it's way and we will continue to gradually improve it, and you support would be greatly appreaciated in that regards.

Watch the video above for a glimpse of LayoutStudio's features and give it a shot. We're convinced it's the best starter theme for Drupal — with the features you need, and none of the unnecessary fluff that just gets in your way.