Problems with Drupal 8? Here’s Our Solutions

Back in the fall when we started building Drupal 8 sites as the product launched we came across challenges in terms of modules that weren’t ready or complex bugs with no documentation or solutions. Now 9 months later, looking back we have utilized our teamwork to provide cutting edge, custom solutions. We are now leaders for Drupal 8 builds due to our experience investigating Drupal 8 processes and the hours we have spent testing various solutions. But it’s been worth it to ensure we understand and can apply all the new functionality of this enhanced version of Drupal.

This is where our developers work best fusing their Drupal experience with creative insight to create these custom solutions for clients.


Drupal 8 is still brand new and there’s not a lot of tutorials or forums available in case you get stuck.

For our builds we relied a little more than usual, on the knowledge of our senior developers, who see the bigger picture by being able to export their knowledge of Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

This involved a lot of brainstorming and presenting thought-out arguments for implementing certain website features, especially complex ones based on client needs.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case maybe communication is the sidekick.



Drupal 8 migrations called for a way to map content types and fields from an older version of Drupal to the almighty Drupal 8.

It took various stages of enhanced testing to find the right programmatic solution to ensure content would be moved accurately, which also maximizing development budget.

We created a custom module that created a programmatic solution for a complex website with over a thousand pieces of complex content such as podcasts and videos.



We had an issue translating website components because the module did not offer that functionality for Drupal 8. This requires some great teamwork and brainstorming, in which we tested different prototypes to come up with the optimal solution for our client.

Our solution we a custom patch to the translation module that provided translation support for in-line entity forms.

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