The web design process at North Studio usually includes user personas–and that's for a good reason. User personas help us:

  • Define the target audience
  • Understand its behaviour
  • Predict the way it will use the website
  • Find out its gaps in knowledge

Although the first three are obvious from a marketing point of view, the last one may seem a little more mysterious. That's because it's more related to user experience design and how people use the tools that we give them. With the internet, these tools are usually websites.

There are two types of knowledge that usually get discussed in user experience work: tool knowledge and domain knowledge. Understanding how these two types of knowledge work and how they relate to how people use your website is essential to making the most out of the website design process. Here's a closer look.

Tool knowledge

Tool knowledge is the easiest type of knowledge to understand and assess. Tool knowlege means the user's knowledge of your specific tool, i.e. your website. It describes what users know about how to use your application.