As someone who has to do it on a regular basis, I can tell you that social media for business is hard. There’s so much to consider: brand voice and tone, visual guidelines, reach, who to chat with, who to follow and unfollow–the million little things that you usually do on social media, but framed within a business perspective. Hard, then.

But also wonderfully rewarding when done right.

This is why the Hootsuite study Social Business Benchmarks 2014 is a helpful piece of research. With over 750 global respondents, the study highlights the benefits (that are also challenges) of doing social media.

Some interesting data relates to the importance of social media analytics data. 86% agree that analyzing data from social media engagement can improve the bottom line, but only 41% say that their company fully capitalizes on this data.

60% also say that that their organizations have trouble turning social media data into actionable information.

For more details and data from the study, check out the summary infographic:

What are your social media challenges in your organization? Do you see yourself in this data?