Sportsnet has joined the growing wave of people building responsive websites (along with all our customers).

We have been building responsive websites for 2 years now and adding value to our customers investment and a fantastic user experience for their users. In today’s world is filled with a multitude of devices with a great range of viewport sizes. The internet of today should be built in a manner that takes such viewport variations into account and provides an optimum user experience no matter what device it is viewed on. It is with that goal in mind, the goal of a unified web, that we began to implement responsive design in the websites built here at North Studio.

Responsive design is based on the idea of using multiple stylesheets and running media queries to determine which stylesheets will be used with any given viewport size. This eliminates the need for dedicated “mobile” websites, and allows for a unified display of content across all devices and platforms.

Sportsnet have produced this awesome video to highlight the benefits of using responsive design and we just had to share it with you.

See our blog article for more information on responsive design ( or view our infographic (