Humans love a good story. In all the varied walks and ways we have come through our evolution, storytelling has existed, thrived and continues to excite, move and motivate us.

So why is so much of the content online out there these days—prime storytelling space—so very stale?

You have a website and the desire for a captive audience. Everyone out there is waiting for you to tell them about your business in an entertaining way. If you can do that, they'll stay. They'll keep reading, they'll stay motivated, they'll click on.

Bore them and they're gone. You could have the secret to world peace or some AMAZING dietary trick that will allow them to eat chocolate all day and consume no dietary calories, but if your delivery is terrible, you'll probably lose me. Well, maybe not me in this case—calorie free awesome chocolate all day? I'm reading on! However, the fact is, most of us do not have miracle cures. We have real living breathing businesses that need real living breathing bums on seats.

So how to get 'em and keep 'em?

As a designer, you would think this topic, content, isn't quite my area. But it is. Half the battle of maintaining someone’s interest in what your site contains is its presentation. Yet time and time again us designers are wrestling with content. Usually enough content to fill entire tomes of encyclopedic quantity.

So the point I'm gingerly stepping around there is twofold:

1) Keep content short, sharp and to the point and you will improve your business's web presence. Give the people what they want. They want the how, the where, the how much and, if relevant to your business, an easy, secure way to pay too. Simple amounts of great information, nicely laid out in an uncluttered way, and you're halfway to wherever you want to be.

Which segues nicely to…

2) White space. Designers love it. Everyone else tends to want to fill it with more stuff. Now, anything can be done to access. Not all white space is good white space. However, before you decide to close it all up with information and "condensing" please consider that extensive user testing has shown us that white space, done well, aids the viewer to read the information given. Thus, the information is taken in more comfortably, increasing information retention. YAY white space!

Meanwhile, an ocean of words, words, words kills.

So, from the use of certain keywords your internet strategists advised, to how the Information Architect arranged the information around your page (and thus directed your viewer), to how visually appealing it looks after the designer had their turn, it all combines to tell the story of your business.

Lets make it a great one.

Remember, content is king!