As an agency, we have clients coming from all corners of the globe hoping to revamp their outdated, boring websites. When we explain we are industry leaders in Drupal development the most popular question we get asked is:

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free content management system written in the PHP programming language. A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining content from a central interface. Other types include WordPress, Alfresco, and Apache Roller.

Drupal is the most scalable and customizable CMS out there. It is free, and comes equipped with a community of developers constantly creating new modules that can be added to increase functionality. It is also an agile method for SEO. For example, the newest update, Drupal 8, launched this fall and included new features such as multilingual capabilities and improved e-commerce. There are also over 15,000 modules available.

Drupal makes it simple to create a website from scratch based on what you need. It’s limitless. The best part is that the Drupal community is constantly evolving to make more modules to help it be as revolutionary as possible.

But where did it even come from?

Drupal originated as a bulletin board system developed by Dries Buytaert in the Netherlands, and became an Open Source project in 2001. When establishing his original Website, Buytaert wanted to call the site “dorp” (“village” in Dutch), but made a typo when checking the domain name, and decided it sounded better. Drupal is a transliteration of the Dutch “druppel” which means droplet.

Trust us. It’s the best.

Drupal has been downloaded millions of times and is used by reputable companies such as The White House, MTV, NBC, Harvard University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and Best Buy.