It was an exhilarating and inspiring two days at the ?#?BCTechSummit in Vancouver. From drones to 4D portals to digital transformation, there were many brilliant ideas. It’s an exciting time for tech, and at North Studio we’re excited to be a part of this booming tech powerhouse.

Being surrounded by the country’s top innovators and entrepreneurs creates an infectious energy. With this momentum, we are excited for the future of web development and digital marketing and you best believe we will be challenging the norms to push those sectors forward.

In case you weren’t able to attend the event, or just couldn’t digest the endless information announced, we thought we’d break it all down for you.




1. Coding will be added as a subject in K-12 schools

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark announced the change in curriculum, which is part of a broader strategy to deliver more support to the booming tech sector. Students in middle grades will learn how to code, debug algorithms and use various coding techniques, including visual programming, while high-school students will have the opportunity to specialize in particular areas of technology.

In fact, the sector employs 86,000 people – more than forestry, mining and oil and gas combined. People working in BC’s tech sector also make 60 per cent more money than the average resident.

And if that wasn’t enough, the government also unveiled a $100-million venture fund to finance startups and $ 4.5 million to training employees.


2. BC is the Canadian Silicon Valley

Microsoft is making Vancouver its second home. Hello Bill Gates! The company announced it is setting up shop on the top three floors of the brand new Nordstrom’s building on Robson and Granville.

Why Vancouver? The company says it is due to the low taxes (26 per cent compared to 42 per cent in California), but more importantly it’s about the talent and the culture. Vancouver, and BC in general, is starting to build momentum. The growing emphasis on coding as the new basic form of literacy is essential to the mandate of Microsoft.


3. Words to work by

Innovation is a muscle, not a one-time action, says Brian Peterson, CEO of Lululemon.

It’s important to know your business. Once you understand your needs and goals, you can start to build an enterprise defined by your team’s skills. That is why it is essential to hire only great leaders and also align talent strategies to business leaders.

Keep in mind, there are only 5 multi-million dollar startups in Canada and 3 are from BC. They are Hootsuite, Slack, and Avigilon.

See you next year!