When it comes to choosing how to design (or redesign) your website, you have three basic options:

  • You do it yourself,
  • You hire a freelance designer, or
  • You contract a web design agency.

If you were going to design your website yourself, well, you wouldn't really be here, so let's move to the next possibility.

Hiring a freelance designer is a viable option, of course. There are tons of excellent freelance designers out there. But unless you get solid references before hiring, you might end up with something a little less exciting than what you bargained for… and quality comes at a cost.

In comparison, there are numerous advantages to hiring a web agency to take care of your web design and development. First, you will do business with an established, professional firm with a good portfolio and a history of successful projects. A good firm acquires knowledge and competencies over the years that can be applied to your project.

Second, a web design studio has the knowledge and flexibility to take on the most complex or quirky projects. With several designers, coders and developers at its disposal, the web design company can build websites that a freelance designer might not be able to do. 

Third, let's not forget the extra services that a web design firm can provide. For example, North Studio offers not only web design and development, but mobile app programming as well support, training and even makerting services for your spiffy new website.

A good web design agency works with you on every part of the web design project, from conception through to mockups and to the final product. The combination of knowledge and expertise from its many experienced developers and designers gives it an edge over freelance designers: if there's a problem, one of us is sure to have the solution.

But don't take our word for it. See our portfolio for the projects we've worked on, and the testimonials left by happy, satisfied clients.

You can always contact us for a quote or more information on our web design packages.

Photo by David Salafia.