The way we interact with technology is changing year on year and new devices, new ways of consuming the information we use keep popping up. How do we keep track of all this information? How do we know what our focus should be on? Where are our customers now? They are certainly not where they used to be………

Does all this sound familiar? Do you find yourself overwelmed by the amount of changes in technology and confused about why your client base has slowly been slipping away? Don't worry, your not alone.

Now more than ever it is important to know your customer and know what they want. The World Wide Web has moved on significantly from those early days and there is evidence to show that people are no longer "googling" to find what they need. Global searches are down yet people havent stopped using the internet. So where are they?

This is where knowing your customer comes in and this is the starting point in formulating a "digital strategy".