Press Release: Dr. Shallon Brown to Keynote at Open Source 101 Conference

Press Release: Dr. Shallon Brown to Keynote at Open Source 101 Conference

Announcing North Studio CTO Dr. Shallon Brown as Keynote Speaker at Open Source 101 Conference

Victoria, BC – North Studio announces that company CTO Dr. Shallon Brown will deliver a keynote speech, “Beyond Coding: The Hallmarks of a Great Open Source Engineer,” on Tuesday, May 12, at the virtual Open Source 101 Conference.

“Have you ever wondered what sets top developers apart in the world of open source engineering?” Dr. Shallon Brown asks.

As a software engineer with over 20 years of Drupal and open source experience, North Studio CTO Dr. Brown is excited to answer this question during her upcoming keynote speech at the Open Source 101 online conference. This is a paid event geared towards open source developers, technologists, and students who hope to advance their knowledge and careers in the field of open source development.

Dr. Brown’s speech will address several tips and qualities that make for a great open source developer, including:

  • How to avoid developer burnout
  • Interview skills/recognizing desirable characteristics for an interviewer
  • Working collaboratively to create a successful project
  • How to thrive in a high-stakes open source environment

When asked for comment, Dr. Brown said she is both “delighted to deliver this speech at Open Source 101, and to encourage the next generation of open source developers and leaders.”

Open Source 101 organizers Danny Perez-Caballero and Todd Lewis expressed a similar sentiment, stating that the conference is “excited to welcome Dr. Brown to the conference, and looks forward to her sharing her experience and expertise with this year’s conference attendants.”

Register for the event here.

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