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The Project

An Existing Drupal Site

EBSI contracted North Studio to support their existing Drupal site in 2013. At the time, their site suffered from lack of responsiveness, lagging speed, and an outdated back-end that was difficult to manage and update. This provided for an ineffective and poor quality user experience, and it created difficulties for site editors and administrators. And, these pain points needed to be resolved in their Drupal 8 rebuild.

AFTER (a scrolling representation)

Our Work

The Drupal Upgrade

EBSI came to North Studio using a Drupal platform.  And, after discussion and assessment it was determined that remaining in Drupal and moving to Drupal 8 would be the most effective and scalable approach for their corporation.

UX Design

FCI Creative generated the design files and consulted with our team to ensure that their designs would address usability concerns, work into a Drupal 8 framework and provide a stunning visual experience for the end user.


  • Responsive design, which utilizes media queries to automatically adapt the website to any size of screen that it is viewed on.
  • Ability for content managers to easily create pages with complex structured content using Paragraphs.
  • Various custom designed elements which help EBSI showcase their products, and present information about the stages of development of new products and devices.
  • Full-screen vertical-scrolling responsive-friendly slideshow for the home page.
  • Automatic migration (import) of Press Releases from EBSI’s separate Investor’s portal into the main EBSI website.
  • Embedded real-time EBSI stock data.
  • Embedded videos from multiple third-party providers (eg. Vimeo, YouTube).
  • Responsive image and video slideshows/carousels.
  • Responsive Image Styles, which automatically serve images at an appropriate size based on the size of the screen that the website is being viewed on.
  • Improved performance and reduced page load times, due to Drupal 8’s internal dynamic page cache in combination with an external reverse proxy cache and web application firewall.

Digital Strategy

At the time of their rebuild, internet marketing was not high on the list of requirements for EBSI – barely at all. However, it was high on the list of priorities for their Manufacturing Expertise department. In saying that, EBSI partnered with Stikky Media to boost the content directly related to Manufacturing Expertise and have been supporting their marketing initiatives post launch.

Continued Support + Maintenance

North Studio continues to work directly with numerous departments at EBSI to support their Drupal site. While also maintaining a handful of their product sites built in WordPress including:  RSDL.com, RSDLReady.com, and InnovationMadeByYou.com.


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