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Trimble Inc. is a Sunnyvale, California-based SaaS Technology Company which services global industries in Agriculture, Building & Construction, GeoSpatial, Natural Resources and Utilities, Governments, Transportation and others. Trimble also does hardware development of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, laser rangefinders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inertial navigation systems and software processing tools.

The Project

Drupal, WordPress – Rebuild and Support

Enterprise Trimble (formerly TMW Systems) was pulled under the Trimble umbrella during the site’s rebuild from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 keeping us all on our toes throughout the process as decisions from key stakeholders took shape. Post launch North Studio maintained and supported and eventually became the web development authority of other Trimble sites built in WordPress such as, and

AFTER (a scrolling representation)

Our Work

Discovery and UX

For the rebuild, our team conducted an analytics review, audience insights, stakeholder interviews, task flow and buyer journeys, content audit, sitemap, mental model, information architecture, and a technical plan. Needless to say, spending a healthy amount of time in this phase of the project ensured when it came to the rebuild we were measuring twice and cutting once!


  • Responsive design, which utilizes media queries to automatically adapt the website to any size of screen that it is viewed on.
  • Ability for content managers to easily create pages with complex structured content using Paragraphs.
  • Country-specific content:
    • Ability to access the website on multiple country-specific domains.
    • Ability for content managers to create country specific versions of each piece of content (United States, Canada, Australia), when necessary.
    • Ability for the website to automatically load the appropriate country-specific version of a piece of content, based on which country-specific domain the website is being viewed on.
  • Ability to categorize (tag) content, which can then be used to generate contextually aware lists of related content based on the page that is being viewed.
  • Ability for content managers to embed Hubspot forms on various pages.
  • Ability for users to browse/search Products, Resources and Partners, powered by Apache Solr, with a number of search facets (filters) that can be utilized to narrow down the search results.
  • Responsive image galleries/carousels.
  • Listings of Upcoming Events and Past Events
  • Customer Success Stories (ie. Testimonials)
  • Embedded third-party live chat widget at the bottom of each page.
  • Embedded Hubspot newsletter signup form in the website’s footer.
  • Custom migration scripts to import content from the previous website into the new Drupal 8 website

The Drupal Upgrade

The website (formerly TMW Systems) was rebuilt using Drupal 8, with a modern responsive design. The Drupal 8 website was subsequently rebranded and moved from its former TMW Systems domain to a Trimble subdomain. It was further expanded to be accessible on multiple country-specific Trimble subdomains, reflecting Trimble’s status as a worldwide company.

Continued Support + Maintenance

Trimble is currently on a monthly support retainer with North Studio and receives tasking from several different departments and divisions for either the Drupal and/or WordPress sites – a one stop shop for the Trimble team!

The Outlook

Trimble is a company that is growing quickly and North Studio is thrilled to be part of that web evolution! Whether we are conducting basic site updates or rebuilding an existing site we ensure Trimble can count on us for their web development needs.

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