From start to finish, the North Studio team has a full-service​ approach to managing and delivering digital solutions.

As a multi-skilled digital ninja, we see ourselves constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the web world.  So much so in fact that when we look back at what we’ve done, who we’ve helped, and the code we’ve crushed, we know that we’re better today than we were yesterday.  And we’ve been doing this for over 21+ years now.  You can imagine the breadth of skillsets we’ve got as a collective whole.  This is what we bring to project we collaborate on.



Our development team works with our Discovery and Sales team to ensure that you have an engineer on-hand through the entire development life cycle. Our Discovery process is tailored to each client profile and is adjusted to fit your organization’s digital history, timelines, and long-term digital strategy.

Web Strategy

Having a beautiful website just isn't enough. We understand that your website should do more than communicate your organization's mission. It should align with your short and long-term business goals and should cater to the needs of your customers. And it doesn't stop at your website but should overflow to all of your online and offline touchpoints.

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UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of creating usable, meaningful, and memorable experiences. We focus on your customers’ needs, goals and motivations. With research in hand, we blend empathy, visual design, architecture, accessibility, and SEO to create products that are intuitive, engaging and delightful.

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Web Development

This includes industry-standard workflows using git repository management, server pipelines so that every single piece of code that is committed passes internal inspection, and developer code reviews done by real people to ensure every piece of functionality passes content manager review. We have a 100% transparent development approach, where our clients get to see our tasking, assignment breakout, and streamlined messaging/dialog system that eliminates the need for long email chains.


Quality Assurance (QA)

Our quality assurance is backed by leading industry tools and detailed QA process control mechanisms. This includes BrowserStack, Jenkins, and CasperJS. We use proven testing methods including browser testing, regression testing, A/B testing cycles, and the use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) for some projects. We tailor our testing models to each project individually to ensure that our tools are custom-tailored and adapted to the requirements of each individual project.


While this step is often considered the most exciting piece in rolling out websites, that feeling you get when you reach the summit of Everest, it is often a detailed, meticulous, all-hands-on-deck process. We launch every site with a detailed checklist that has earned us an industry-wide reputation for our sharp eye of detail and an acute sense of being proactive throughout the duration of this hold-your-breath moment.

Support & Maintenance

We have an expansive array of support and maintenance options that will keep your system secure, up-to-date, and expansion-ready at all times. In addition to our 24/7 support and around-the-clock emergency response options, we offer a variety of packages to help increase your website’s usability. This includes packages specifically for security, search engine optimization, expanded marketing and tracking options, and custom website expansions.


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We’re not saying that we’re everything to everyone, but rather we’ve got a home-run hitting, code crushing team, so diverse in our skill sets​ that we’ve not only helped a local dog car wash, we’ve also done work with The White House.

Yep, diverse skills married with copious amounts of coffee and a drive to be the best has always been our motivator. Merge your business acumen with our web magic and let’s create something amazing. Check out why so many companies are bringing their web and marketing assets North for a bit of a digital hand.

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