The highest standards for website protection with rigorous security testing and protocols.

Our meticulous Drupal security team keeps your web properties safe from intrusion, data loss, or theft. Proactive monitoring, updates, and communication on the newest vulnerabilities keeps your site safe by utilizing our rigorous protocols for security testing.

Drupal is mature, stable and designed with robust security out-of-the-box. To keep users safe from both known and unknown Drupal security vulnerabilities, Drupal comes with many advanced security features, including password encryption, granular user access control, database encryption, brute force detection, and the prevention of malicious data entry.

drupal security

Our recommended first step when analyzing your website is a comprehensive Drupal security audit to have a comprehensive understanding of your website and its framework. This includes an extensive analysis of the code to find any bugs or vulnerabilities.

Drupal is also backed by a global community of over one million developers, designers, editors, and other Drupal experts. What's more, Drupal’s strict coding and review standards are backed by a dedicated security team made up of dozens of experts from around the world, as well as by one of the world’s largest developer communities.

Together, these passionate Drupal developers work to prepare and release fixes, fix security problems, and advise Drupal users of current vulnerabilities and how to deal with them. Thanks to this rigorous monitoring and support, most security issues are prevented entirely, and any vulnerabilities that may arise are detected early and dealt with immediately. This keeps your website safe in the long-term.

North Studio has taken security to the next level by creating our own dedicated security team to keep your web properties safe.

  • We keep track of the latest vulnerabilities and monitor your site pro-actively

  • We make regular updates and security patches to your site

  • Already hacked? We help you recover and prevent future security breaches

  • We educate your employees on the importance of following established security policies

  • We provide online training to empower your staff with safe protocols for home and work

  • We provide weekly updates on the latest security vulnerabilities

Secure your Drupal site before it’s too late.