Support & Maintenance

Enterprise Level Web support, continuous integration, enhancements, security, consultations & training. Drupal 6,7,8, WordPress, Sitecore, Magento, Joomla. Pay-as-you go with Teired account progression for the most complext exterprise level applications. 

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World Class Web, Mobile, Intranet Support and Maintenance.
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World Class, Pay-as-you-Go Web/Mobile/Intranet Support

Get full access to our highly-responsive and professional  support team without having to sacrifice critical on-going support with our flexible “pay-as-you-go” on-demand service plan. Deploy and maintain your websites confidently with access to our world-class support system. Allow our team of development experts to provide assistance and extend your in-house expertise to help ensure your site is performing optimally.

Support Features

  • Fine Tuning Performance & Scalability
  • System Migrations
  • Custom Module Development
  • Systems Administration / DevOps
  • ‘Ask an Expert’ Questions
  • Design/Theme Modifications
  • Upgrades
  • Mobile site Creation
  • Minor CSS/HTML changes
  • Module Upgrades & Security Patches
  • Commerce Updates
  • Security Reviews
  • Complete System Audits

Web/Mobile Experts

Our Open Source Technology Experts are on call to help your team maintain and advance your site’s performance. At North Studio, we hire only the best — and we put them at your service, whether you need emergency website rescue, new features built with best practices, or anything in between.

Scalable Support Programs

Your support plan is tailored to your organization, with a regular allowance of hands-on work to fit your needs and your budget. You’ll love having online support ticketing, a dedicated project manager, excellent customer service and great response times. North Studio’s remote hands on Support can be used for anything from features development, best practices, security patches, module updates, migrations, site review and audits or whatever you need to keep your site in good health.

Tier I. Time and Materials

No contract required. Instead, Pre-purchase blocks of 10 hours to be used only when you initiate development tasks. Requesting Support for the 1st time: We require 5 hours to set up your project. The remaining pre-purchased hours will be allotted to your initial support re-quests

One Time—5-10 Hours Project Onboarding Includes:

  • Teamwork Account setup
  • Ticket and Task setup
  • Environment and credentials discover
  • Repository setup
  • Developer and PM On-boarding
  • New Relic ( installation to monitor the Drupal stack. This will provide North Studio with constant performance metrics as well as serve to alert ‘The Client’ of any devel-oping issues.
  • Kickoff off call and points-of-contact introduction
  • Phone, email and Teamwork to access your PM and discuss / schedule development
  • Zabbix setup for server monitoring and resource availability

Tier II. Weekly Support and Maintenance

North Studio will pro-actively check your web properties / infrastructure on a weekly basis. Required:minimum of a six month contract


  • Daily monitoring of the code base / Drupal stack
  • Jenkins CI initialization and testing automation (install security updates as they’re released and test)
  • Applying patches and security updates as needed
  • Weekly reporting on all activities by your PM (email sent every Friday)
  • Email delivery via teamwork
  • Discussion with Account manager where needed
Tier III. Enterprise Support Continuous Integration & Maintenance
An enterprise client is any client that exhibits any of the following:
  • Expects or implements high availability server architecture
  • Requires out-of-hours support availability
  • Has a database in excess of 3G
  • Has an audience of greater than 250k hits per week
  • North Studio will pro-actively check your web properties / infrastructure on a weekly basis
  • Required:minimum of a one year contract

Emergency Support

North Studio offers premium Emergency Support. Whether your site needs urgent updates, your current web team is failing to deliver or you’ve been hacked we can help!

Emergency Support is

  • Anything that occurs after business hours (i.e. 9-5 PST/EST Monday-Friday)
  • Any Issue that affects the system in an adverse way
  • Any Issue that impacts the Drupal platform performance such that it is defined as an emergency
  • Any Issue that impacts the users, administrators, or ‘The Client’, as ‘The Client’, deems appropriate
  • Any issue that impacts data integrity
  • Any other issue deemed an emergency
  • Any other request from ‘The Client’ of an emergency nature.All emergency support clients must
  • Be on pro-active support Tier 2 or Tier 3 support package
  • Be on an approved server
  • Must complete a security review, and code audit before beginning

Expert Web Security

A Complete site audit is required to begin scheduled monitoring to ensure stability (code base, infrastructure and security). Code Audits, Infrastructure Reviews, and Security Audits are relative to the size and complexity of the project, including (code base, infra-structure) and level of detail requested in written report to client.

Each site is estimated individually. North Studio documents your website and reviews the code and infra-structure so we can plan, and service your website intelligently.

North Studio will make recommendations to improve future develop-ment (improves development time and cost). A Complete report will be delivered to the client. One off’s for security audits can be accomplished without a timed contract

Scheduled Security Assessments:

  • Weekly: (2-3 hours)
  • Monthly:(4-6 hours)
  • Quarterly:(6-10 Hours)
  • Semi-Annually (every 6 months): (20-40 Hours)

Security Services Include

✔ Full site security audits including code audits of custom modules and scripts.
✔ Full infrastructure and back end security audits
✔ Firewall and Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) recommendations
✔ Regular site audits to ensure all systems are patched with the most recent updates
✔ Regular site audits to ensure all system configurations meet required secu-rity policies
✔ HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, STIG, and other security standards
✔ Company security policy creation and modification
Penetration Testing (White box and Black box)
✔ Incident response and recovery
✔ Full detailed reports in language that you can understand
✔ Database security audits
✔ Threat vector analysis