Support + Maintenance

Whether your site requires weekly, monthly or bi-monthly updates, count on our reliable and friendly team to care for it as if it were our own.

When you sign up for a maintenance plan, you get full access to our highly-responsive and professional support team. And, you don’t need to sacrifice that critical on-going support with our flexible “pay-as-you-go” on-demand service plan. We can add new pages, fix what’s broken, and optimize your site. You can start with a block of hours or begin a monthly support plan based on your needs.


Website Analysis

Support starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current environment. We will get to know your site inside and out: your documentation and codebase, contributed and custom modules, security and performance. Finally, our experts make strategic recommendations based on your budget and goals.

Custom Support Solutions

Your support plan is tailored to fit your organization’s needs with a regular allowance of hands-on work. North Studio offers comprehensive and competitive support packages to help you go with the flow of an ever evolving digital landscape. You’ll love having online support ticketing, a dedicated project manager, excellent customer service, and great response times.

Support (Reactive Support)

Support is what we consider reactive updates to the site. Clients will request  modifications to the site and we react to the request accordingly. If the request is within the 2-hour​ range we proceed with the task. If the task will require more than a 2-hour​ effort then we will provide the client with an estimate on the work so they can determine if/how they would like to proceed.

Maintenance (Proactive Support)

Maintenance is proactive ongoing site support. Our team proactively addresses any updates without you needing to make a request to do so. This support is billed by the hour and based on an estimate of hours we anticipate would be required per month. Most months we are within that threshold but there are some months where more updates are released which would take us more time to address. In this case, you will be notified if more than the previously allotted amount of hours are required.

Tasks that Fit Your Needs

North Studio’s remote hands-on Support can be used for features development, incremental improvements, implementing web best practices, security patches, module updates, or whatever you need to keep your site in good health.

Deploy and maintain your websites confidently with access to our world-class support system and allow our team of experts to provide assistance. Extend your in-house expertise to help ensure your site is performing optimally.

No matter the type of support, our experts are on call to help your team maintain and advance your site’s performance. At North Studio, we hire only the best — and we put them at your service, whether you need emergency website rescue, new features built with best practices, or anything in between.

Typical Support Requests

  • Development modifications
  • Changes to already existing content 
  • Adding in new modules or plugins 
  • Design/Theme modifications
  • CSS/HTML changes
  • Minor layout changes
  • Bug fixes
  • General technical questions
  • Upgrades & security patches
  • Commerce updates
  • Fine tuning performance & scalability
  • Migration
  • Custom module/plugin development
  • Systems administration
  • Expert consultation

What areas of your site should be maintained and supported?

Your website-maintenance should cover all business-critical key areas.

These include copy production, quality control, publishing, feedback monitoring, performance monitoring, infrastructure and routine maintenance. For risk management, you need to have a business continuity plan in place for your website and ensure that your hosting service provider has a backup and maintenance plan that is in line with your own business service levels, especially if you have a real-time or mission-critical website.

Unsure if your site is being maintained and supported as it should be?  North Studio is here to help!

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