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As industry leaders since 1998, we have witnessed and worked alongside the advancement of web-based technologies. Our inventive approach has allowed us to stay ahead in a dynamic industry, and the proven success of our company is owed to our people and partners sharing similar visions. 

It’s this experience and expertise that allows us to provide unsurpassed training and support to clients and their teams. And because of our affiliation with Q College, a government-accredited technology college, North Studio maintains some of the highest quality assurance and service standards industry-wide. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and our processes are streamlined, focused, and proven to deliver results. 


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Q College


Q College’s instructors, as well as North Studio’s employees, lead all training initiatives. This allows us to deliver structured curriculums with standardized course materials, customized to our clients’ needs. We can also provide tailored training to suit the needs, skill sets, and learning styles of admin and/or internal IT teams. All of our training can be adapted to cover any level of Drupal and its supporting infrastructure, and can be carried out in-person at our facility or yours, or even remotely.

Because Q College is a PCTIA-accredited institution, it must continually meet a long list of regulations, bylaws, and instructor credentials to ensure it delivers the highest level of education. In addition to this extra boost of confidence for trainees, accreditation also means Q College is able to offer a variety of financial assistance options, making it easier than ever to enhance your workplace.

Q College is the first of its kind and now teaches hundreds of students. Courses include:

  • Drupal Development Diplomas
  • Drupal 7, 8 Training / Consulting
  • Web and Print Design Certificates
  • Microsoft Office Courses
  • Adobe Creative Suite Courses
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Custom Training
  • Corporate Training


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