UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of creating memorable, meaningful, and useable digital products.

We live in a world immersed in technology. It is so deeply integrated into our lives that we rely on these interactions daily, expecting them to be convenient, useful, and ideally pleasurable. Our UX design team understands this blend of technology and human interaction. We combine user emotions and needs with empathy, brand, content, functionality, usability, and creativity to create the unique design solution that’s right for your organization.

Our designers are problem solvers, interested in what motivates users… also known as user centered design. They translate user motivations into functional features, logical content structure, and accessible aesthetics. And the result is a productive journey and an enjoyable digital experience.

Let us walk you through some of the magic!




This is the stage where scope is determined, user needs are discussed, and goals are defined. We know that this was mentioned on another page, but believe it or now… UX design begins here.



Next comes research. This can involve stakeholder interviews, pulling analytics data, compiling user feedback, brand stategy, user personnas, and good old fashion brainstorming. We want to get to the why before we move to the how.



With all of our research pulled, we sort and analyze in order to find patterns and pain points. From these pain points come potential improvements and solutions. We look at your audience members’ needs limitations, and preferences. We make a plan.


Content & Structure

With our plan in hand we work on content organization and website structure. The information architecture is defined, user paths are forged, and the features and content begin to take shape with a low-fidelity wireframe. This map is a glimse of the new digital experience.


Design + Branding

Once the map is prepared, design can begin. We build on your existing brand identity and apply your distinct style, photography, and content. We consider your existing customer touchpoints to ensure that your website is a familiar face to your customers.

And to talk technical, we use current web best practices, web typographic hierarchy, color palette, unique graphic elements, and
photography styles to form a vivid visual user journey. Best SEO practices, meeting accessibility standards, use of responsive grid
layouts, and more are all a part of this design process.

If user testing is recommended, a high-fidelity, clickable prototype is produced in order to ensure user goals are achieved.



When designs are approved, a maticulous developement map is handed off to the dev team in order to breathe life into the static mockups. The scrolling motion, hover states, and elements blend with databases, content, API integrations and your content
to create an immersive product. UX design continues through the extensive quality assurance (QA) process and through any
reqired user testing.

This is a short-hand version of this process, but we’d love to walk you through that magic. Sound intriguing?

Learn More About Development

How to know when it’s time for a website design refresh?

What’s a design refresh? Well… it’s that space between – I have a working website, but I don’t love showing it off. Here are a few questions you can ask to know when the time is right.

  • Has your brand gone through some changes?
  • Do your business goals no longer align with your current content?
  • Are people confused about what you do or what you offer?
  • Is your site not providing you with leads that are converting?
  • Does your site look bad on mobile devices?
  • Is your content difficult to update or maintain?
  • Are you unhappy with your Google rank?
  • Is your site look a bit outdated or clunky?
  • Do you have a list of things you wish your website could do?
  • Has this list given you anxiety?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, don’t stress. North Studio is here to help!

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