Big Data Development Experts

Build and manage large data sets with advanced applications for your business needs, or advanced enterprise reporting systems.

Advanced Analytic Techniques

Companies are built on a backbone of intelligence. Leverage North Studio’s extensive experience in managing large scale data projects to add value to your business and gain a competitive advantage.

Publication of your data allows you to take full advantage of your community, as well as your external software capabilities to build your analysis and create robust applications using React, Ember, or Vue. Publish your data privately for your internal teams to build advanced applications for your business needs, or advanced enterprise reporting systems.

Representative State Transfer (REST/RESTful)

Tried and true, RESTful implementations use foundational web protocols for a solid, safe interface for your projects. Allows for strong integrations with mobile sites, news feeds, and legacy applications. Allows publication of data using the powerful JSON or XML formats.


Developed and backed by Facebook, GraphQL’s innovative protocol allows you navigate and query your data in more organic ways. GraphQL excels at managing highly relational data and allows you full utility to define how your data structures work. Have an existing RESTful API that you’d like to convert to GraphQL? No need to rebuild – we can map existing REST endpoints into GraphQL definitions.

Understanding how and where your data is sourced and how it ties together is critical. From building engines capable of crawling the internet for your data, to creating advanced forms for your data entry teams, to mapping an aggregate of existing data sets – North Studio has the experience to help you build your vision.

High Rate I/O

The ability to collect data quickly can come to a halt if the collection endpoints are bottlenecking your intake. Using advanced architectures, immutible languages, and redundant caching systems, we are able to construct systems that allow for some of the fastest I/O rates available on the market.

Advanced Forms

Forms and interfaces must also be fast for your data entry specialists. Keyboard navigation, interdependent field validation, and advanced form controls allow you to create interfaces that allow you to enter your complex data at breakneck speeds. Use React, Ember, or Vue to create specialized interfaces for your distributed teams.

The value of your data set is tied directly to how much it is trusted. North Studio uses proprietary workflows and procedures to ensure that development doesn’t interfere with your data, and changes made to your data are tracked and auditable. Data cleanup procedures can be used to identify, document, and correct any data entered by a federated data source.


Part of managing your data’s integrity is maintaing its security. North Studio has resources that can make your systems compliant with the most ardent specifications, including FISMA, HIPPA, SOX, and PCI.

Stockpiling your data is only part of the equation – interpreting your data with advanced visualizations to provide meaning to your users, intelligence to your executive team, and tracked against your KPIs is vital to adding value to your agency. North Studio works with statisticians, data scientists, and the advanced visualization library D3.js to provide customized reporting relevant to your business and your customers.

Yikes! Nobody wants to think about what happens in the event of a catastrophe, but when you invest your time and money into building a data set, you’ll be thankful for those safety nets. North Studio has prolific experience building out backup strategies that fit your budget and needs for short term or long term storage. We can periodically test your backups and help you develop your disaster recovery and redundancy procedures.

other dev solutions

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Angular JS

How do I know if Drupal is the right choice for YOU?

The choice between Drupal, WordPress, and other open-source platforms often comes down to a complex set of factors which include timelines, desired functionality, long and short term digital goals, and many others.

The Benfits of Drupal Include:

  • A continuously extensible platform that is inherently built for expansion
  • The most secure open-source platform on the planet with regular security releases
  • Hook framework to integrate virtually any API
  • Headless option supports a wide variety of JavaScript libraries with no additional theming constraints
  • Extensive library of custom modules for easy implementation of most common website functions
  • Several platform providers such as Acquia and Pantheon that provide extended and specialized options for supporting Drupal systems

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