Python has greatly increased in popularity as primarily a general-purpose language for data science and mathematics. 

Python has quickly become a popular language for systems that have a large number of application integrations.

The Benefits of Python

Python is an ideal choice for platforms that are larger in nature, may integrate with machine learning, or are deeply complex and benefit from interactive testing and debugging.

When used with a framework such as Django or Flask, Python can greatly lessen the volume of code needed to create and maintain a functional web application, thus making it easier and faster to build, expand, and maintain. The flexibility of the language means clients have the ability to integrate with a wide array of AI and machine learning toolkits and clients such as IBM’s Watson and Amazon’s Alexa.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased speed and runtime over other web languages
  • Typically easier to debug than PHP and better error messaging
  • Object-oriented by nature and more cohesive for Full Stack platforms
  • Used by many popular technology companies such as Uber, Pinterest, and Mozilla
  • Better support for dynamic, complex applications

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