React JS

React JS is utilized by some of the world’s largest and most popular websites, including Amazon, Yahoo, and CNN.

The framework has greatly grown in popularity as a stable JavaScript framework for enhanced user interfaces. North Studio utilizes React JS frequently with open source projects, including Headless Drupal implementations and Full Stack projects that utilize Laravel and other server-side frameworks.

The Benefits of React JS

Full-stack implementations have many advantages, including being inherently customized to your business model and continuously extensible. Using React JS, benefits include:

  • Flexible implementations
  • Continuously extensible
  • MVC framework
  • Native/mobile application components available for iOS and Android applications
  • Enhanced rendering speeds over other JavaScript frameworks
  • Reliable, stable code
  • SEO friendly
  • An extensive library of developer tools for faster, more stable development cycles
  • Supports asset reuse for better technology brand standardization
  • Ease of migration from standard JavaScript

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