Web Strategy

Here at North Studio, Digital Strategy is more than just a map and compass.

Digital wizardry at its finest, strategy is at the root of everything we do.  Whether you’re at the forefront of a rebuild, dissecting which business direction to choose as a whole, or trading in a whole bunch of customized backend pieces to streamline your processes with a few priceless modules to add to your arsenal, a strategy piece should be the lifeblood that propels your company. 

What to expect

Research and Analysis

Do you need to increase leads, revenue, engagement or brand awareness? At North Studio, we believe that it’s important to ask the right questions before building and recommend making Experience Design an integral part of any project. We carefully consider a user-centric model of site tasks and content that provides insight and direction on user personas, needs, and behaviors. Our deliverables serve as a ‘blueprint’ for user-friendly navigation, content categorization, layout and task workflow.

Content Strategy

At North Studio, we believe in creating data-driven strategies that can engage your audience on an intuitive level. We employ an approach with a focus on conversion rate optimization. We present content in ways that draw people deeper into the conversation thus targeting your ideal user.

Search Engine Optimization

Ok, so you’ve gotten to this page because you’re curious about supercharging your SEO, right?  And, you’ve probably heard a million and one-lines about how great targeted SEO tactics are as part of your overall web strategy? So let’s get to the chase.

Getting to your audience as streamlined as possible is probably high up there amongst your digital goals. Avoiding an intelligent SEO game plan to the mix is like hiding in the woods, telling your audience to find you somewhere, but forget to give them any clues as to what forest you’re in, and giving them an eye patch to put on.  While it’s doable for your intended audience to find you, it’s not exactly making it easy on them.

Sure you may not be making hundreds of millions a year in revenues, but there’s a reason why “Nike harnesses SEO to just do it”, why Amazon believes that it’s “customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products”, and why in its simplest form Sony roots it’s SEO mentality in that they really just want to “make the website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand.”  In fact, in 99% of the cases, SMBs can adapt to leveraging themselves using SEO much easier than colossal organizations!

Shoot us a line, and we’d be happy to open up the SEO conversation with you.

Website Optimization

The web is an ever-evolving landscape of changing technologies and new tools. How can you ensure that your website is able to keep up with the pace of change and continue to provide visitors with the optimal user experience?

With our flexible maintenance packages, North Studio will ensure your website follows all industry standards and will help you avoid common and uncommon pitfalls in the digital landscape.

the heart that propels your business is strategy

Ever wonder why certain companies grow out of control, got the ‘je ne sais qu’oi?’  Let’s team up and we’ll show you how to put the digital umph behind the inner workings of your web and marketing game plan.  Defy the odds, and separate yourselves from the pack.

Precision.  Deliberate.  Game Changing.

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