Custom Drupal Theme Development for SeaFirst Insurance


For over 40 years, SeaFirst Insurance Brokers Ltd. has been providing outstanding insurance coverage for clients in the Saanich Peninsula and Victoria communities on Vancouver Island.

SeaFirst came to North Studio for a Drupal 8 rebuild that would add increased functionality to their current site to connect, engage, and create relationships with their clients. It was important to have complex functionality while ensuring ease-of-use for site administrators.

SeaFirst wanted a site that would accommodate its expansive web offerings. An important goal was to have numerous webforms that allowed users to apply for jobs, pay invoices online, subscribe to the mailing list, and request quotes.

What We Did

The early adoption of Drupal 8 required us to use modules in the beta state. In most cases, the lack of documentation for core functions and modules forced us to do extensive research to solve bugs and compatibility issues. We developed custom modules and custom solutions to ensure SeaFirst had optimal functionality to achieve their business goals.

We leveraged a new theming system with Drupal 8 to ensure an intuitive user-experience that directed site visitors to custom web forms and a newsletter page. In this Drupal 8 build, we also took advantage of the Mega Menu functionality to add a layer of sophistication and complexity to this stunning website.


  • Creating custom web forms to facilitate different needs.
  • Leading the Drupal community on implementation of a functional and bug-free Mega Menu.
  • Custom testimonials adjusted based on length.
  • Building a custom, flexible backend for site administrators to ensure ease-of-use.