The Carlyle Group Drupal 8 Website

Founded in 1987, The Carlyle Group is one of the world's largest and most successful investment firms. They manage $193 billion in assets under management across 128 funds and 159 fund vehicles.

In 2012, Carlyle launched a Drupal 6 site, which by 2015 was unable to accommodate their needs to maximize their international audience through responsive design, fast speed during high-traffic seasons, and better multilingual tools. With over 20,000 content nodes, site migration was also a huge consideration because they wanted to ensure everything would be brought over smoothly, retaining their strong SEO-rankings.

Our main goal was to make it easier to simplify the content authoring experience while reducing site complexity. To enhance the content authoring workflow we ensured pieces of dynamic content are reusable.

What We Did

Because of Carlyle's prestigious reputation they attract clients from all around the globe, many of whom are looking for the latest updates on Carlyle’s acquisitions and investments. This lends the foundation for large traffic with an insatiable appetite for content, which is why Carlyle creates and publishes hundreds of stories and videos per year.

For this reason, Carlyle needed a flexible homepage grid that could be customized, easily, on a weekly basis by dragging and dropping new content. To solve this we created a custom module called Build Lab that allowed the Carlyle team to customize their homepage layouts on their main site, as well as the Chinese and Japanese sites.

With Build Lab your pages are made up of various components of different types, both reusable and unique, that you place on the page using a drag-and-drop system that allows for easy repositioning and resizing of elements.

  • Ability for admins to customize homepage layouts
  • Simplified content authoring workflow
  • Multilingual, custom capabilities (English, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Premium user experience (UX) through extensive quality assurance testing
  • Seamless migration of  20,000+ pieces of content and 4,000+ nodes
  • Robust, intuitive backend that has been through several rounds of code reviews
Download the full Carlyle Drupal 8 case study to learn more

Our Clients